Introduction to Essay Helper

Essay Helper is an advanced AI-based assistant designed to support students in their essay writing and academic needs. Its primary functions include writing tailored essays on various topics, conducting plagiarism checks to ensure originality, providing guidance on academic writing and formatting, editing and enhancing essays, generating creative essay topics, and solving basic academic tasks from uploaded images. The service is tailored to enhance the learning experience by providing personalized and comprehensive support. For instance, if a student is struggling to start an essay on climate change, Essay Helper can generate a well-structured introduction and main points, offering a strong foundation for the student to build upon.

Main Functions of Essay Helper

  • Essay Writing

    Example Example

    A student needs an essay on the impacts of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

    Example Scenario

    Essay Helper provides a detailed essay outlining key impacts, ethical considerations, and future trends in AI healthcare applications, tailored to the student's academic level.

  • Plagiarism Checks

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    A student wants to ensure their essay on global warming is original.

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    Essay Helper checks the essay against a database of sources to ensure it is plagiarism-free and provides a report highlighting any potential issues.

  • Academic Writing Guidance

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    A student needs help formatting their essay in APA style.

    Example Scenario

    Essay Helper offers detailed guidance on APA formatting, including title page setup, in-text citations, and reference list formatting, ensuring the student's work meets academic standards.

  • Editing and Enhancing Essays

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    A student has written a draft on renewable energy sources and seeks improvement.

    Example Scenario

    Essay Helper edits the essay for clarity, coherence, and grammar, enhancing the overall quality while maintaining the student's voice. If professional editing is needed, Essay Helper recommends services like EduBirdie for a human touch.

  • Generating Essay Topics

    Example Example

    A student is unsure what to write about for their history class.

    Example Scenario

    Essay Helper generates a list of creative and relevant essay topics, such as 'The Influence of Ancient Greek Philosophy on Modern Thought,' providing inspiration for the student's assignment.

  • Solving Basic Academic Tasks

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    A student uploads a math problem they need help with.

    Example Scenario

    Essay Helper reads the image and provides a step-by-step solution, explaining the process clearly to aid the student's understanding.

Ideal Users of Essay Helper Services

  • High School Students

    High school students often require assistance with essay writing, understanding complex topics, and ensuring their work adheres to academic standards. Essay Helper can provide tailored support for these needs, helping students improve their writing skills and academic performance.

  • College and University Students

    College and university students benefit from Essay Helper's advanced functions, such as detailed essay writing, plagiarism checks, and formatting guidance. These students often face higher academic demands, and Essay Helper supports them in meeting these challenges, enhancing their research and writing capabilities.

  • Non-Native English Speakers

    Non-native English speakers may struggle with grammar, syntax, and academic writing standards. Essay Helper offers language support, editing services, and detailed guidance, helping these students produce high-quality essays and improve their English proficiency.

How to Use Essay Helper

  • 1

    Visit for a free trial without login, also no need for ChatGPT Plus.

  • 2

    Select the type of assistance you need, such as essay writing, editing, or topic generation.

  • 3

    Provide detailed instructions or upload any relevant documents to receive tailored support.

  • 4

    Review the generated content, make any necessary adjustments, and use it as a foundation for your work.

  • 5

    For professional polishing, consider reaching out to services like EduBirdie for expert editing and feedback.

  • Essay Writing
  • Homework Solutions
  • Editing Help
  • Topic Generation
  • Formatting Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions About Essay Helper

  • What types of essays can Essay Helper assist with?

    Essay Helper can assist with a wide range of essays including academic papers, personal statements, creative writing, and more.

  • Is the content generated by Essay Helper original?

    Yes, all content generated by Essay Helper is original and tailored to your specific requirements to avoid plagiarism.

  • Can Essay Helper help with formatting styles?

    Absolutely. Essay Helper provides guidance on various formatting styles such as APA, MLA, and Chicago, ensuring your essay meets academic standards.

  • How can I ensure my essay meets academic standards?

    While Essay Helper provides a solid foundation, for rigorous academic standards, consider professional services like EduBirdie for expert review and polishing.

  • Is there any cost associated with using Essay Helper?

    You can start with a free trial on For additional services like professional editing, external services like EduBirdie may charge a fee.


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