Introduction to SigTech Finance

SigTech Finance is a powerful financial technology platform designed for quantitative analysis, trading strategy development, and market data retrieval. Its primary goal is to provide users with the tools and data they need to create, test, and implement trading strategies effectively. The platform offers a wide range of functionalities, from simple data retrieval to complex strategy simulations and performance analyses. For example, a user might use SigTech to backtest a strategy that combines equities and fixed income instruments. By integrating historical data, the user can simulate past performance, analyze risks, and refine their approach before deploying it in real markets.

Main Functions of SigTech Finance

  • Market Data Retrieval

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    A user can retrieve historical price data for assets like gold, S&P 500, or EUR/USD.

    Example Scenario

    An analyst wants to study the performance of gold over the last decade. Using SigTech, they can quickly pull up historical price data, calculate returns, and visualize trends, aiding in making informed investment decisions.

  • Trading Strategy Development

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    Creating a 50-50 basket strategy of S&P futures and treasury futures.

    Example Scenario

    A portfolio manager wants to diversify investments between equities and bonds. They use SigTech to design a strategy that rebalances monthly, ensuring exposure to both asset classes. The platform's simulation tools help test the strategy's robustness under different market conditions.

  • Performance Analysis

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    Generating a performance report for a trading strategy.

    Example Scenario

    After developing a trading strategy, a hedge fund manager needs to present its potential performance to stakeholders. Using SigTech, they create a detailed report that includes cumulative returns, risk metrics, and comparative analysis with benchmarks, providing a comprehensive overview of the strategy's effectiveness.

Ideal Users of SigTech Finance

  • Quantitative Analysts and Researchers

    These users benefit from SigTech's robust data retrieval and analysis tools, allowing them to conduct detailed research and develop sophisticated trading strategies. The platform's ability to handle large datasets and perform complex calculations makes it ideal for this group.

  • Portfolio Managers and Institutional Investors

    Portfolio managers and institutional investors use SigTech to design, test, and optimize investment strategies. The platform's performance analysis capabilities help them make data-driven decisions, manage risk, and demonstrate the value of their strategies to clients and stakeholders.

Steps to Use SigTech Finance

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    Visit for a free trial without login, also no need for ChatGPT Plus.

  • 2

    Create a global session using the '/sessions' endpoint to initiate your work environment.

  • 3

    Plan your actions by calling the '/query' endpoint in 'PLAN' mode, detailing the specific task and listing relevant instruments.

  • 4

    Execute the suggested APIs to retrieve and analyze financial data, create instruments, or test trading strategies as planned.

  • 5

    Present your findings using markdown tables and inline plot images, ensuring to provide a disclaimer about the results.

  • Data Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Strategy Testing
  • Performance Reports
  • Financial Charts

SigTech Finance Q&A

  • What is SigTech Finance used for?

    SigTech Finance is used for retrieving financial market data, analyzing instrument valuations, testing trading strategies, and creating detailed financial charts.

  • How can I test a trading strategy using SigTech Finance?

    Start by creating a session and planning your strategy using the '/query' endpoint in 'PLAN' mode. Then, use the relevant APIs to create and test your trading strategy, monitoring its performance over time.

  • What types of financial instruments can I analyze with SigTech Finance?

    You can analyze a variety of financial instruments including stocks, ETFs, futures, and forex pairs.

  • How do I create a rolling futures strategy with SigTech Finance?

    First, initiate a session and plan your strategy. Then, use the '/createRollingFuturesStrategy' endpoint, providing the necessary instrument identifier and session ID to create your strategy.

  • Can SigTech Finance generate performance reports?

    Yes, you can generate performance reports by using the '/pluginCreateReport' endpoint, specifying the type of report and the constituents involved.


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