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18 May 202303:08

TLDRThe video introduces GPT Zero, an AI developed to detect AI-generated text, countering the use of AI like GPT in writing. Viewers learn to use GPT Zero via, where they can analyze texts for AI or human origin. The demonstration shows its effectiveness with various topics, highlighting its reliability with longer texts, but also its limitations with shorter inputs.


  • 🧠 AI-powered chatbots and other applications are increasingly prevalent in our daily interactions.
  • 🌐 The growth of AI is expanding into areas previously unimagined, necessitating a countermeasure to its influence.
  • 📝 AI-generated text is being used by various professionals, but there's a need to distinguish between human and AI writing.
  • 🔍 A tool named GPT Zero has been developed to detect AI-generated text, accessible at
  • 🖥️ GPT Zero operates by analyzing text input and determining whether it is likely human or AI-generated.
  • 📑 Users can input text into GPT Zero's interface and use the 'Ctrl + Enter' command to initiate the analysis.
  • 🔎 The algorithm's workings are explained on the website, providing insight into its detection process.
  • 🎈 The presence of balloons in the results indicates the text's origin, either human or AI-generated.
  • 📝 The script demonstrates the use of GPT Zero on various topics, comparing human and AI-generated texts.
  • 🤖 GPT Zero's effectiveness is highlighted, but it may not always work, especially with shorter texts.
  • ⚠️ A minimum of 200 words is recommended for accurate detection by GPT Zero, as shown with shorter texts failing to produce a clear result.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of GPT Zero?

    -GPT Zero is an AI tool created to detect whether a text has been generated by another AI, specifically to counter AI like chat GPT, which is being used to generate text on various topics.

  • How can one access GPT Zero?

    -GPT Zero can be accessed by visiting the website, where users will find the main interface for inputting text to be analyzed.

  • What is the process of using GPT Zero to analyze text?

    -To use GPT Zero, one needs to input the text into the interface, press control plus enter, and wait for the analysis to be completed. The results will indicate whether the text is likely human-generated or AI-generated.

  • What does the presence of balloons in the GPT Zero result signify?

    -The balloons in the GPT Zero result indicate that the algorithm has determined the text's origin, whether it is human-generated or computer-generated.

  • Can GPT Zero detect AI-generated text with high accuracy?

    -GPT Zero is not always 100% accurate, especially with shorter texts. It is recommended to provide at least 200 words for efficient detection.

  • Who are the typical users of chat GPT for text generation?

    -Chat GPT is commonly used by writers, academicians, bloggers, copywriters, and others who need to generate text on various topics.

  • What are some limitations of GPT Zero when it comes to text detection?

    -GPT Zero may not work efficiently with texts that are too short. It requires a sufficient amount of text, preferably 200 words or more, to accurately detect the source of the text.

  • How does GPT Zero differentiate between human and AI-generated text?

    -The specific algorithms and criteria used by GPT Zero to differentiate between human and AI-generated text are not detailed in the script, but it involves analyzing the input text and providing a result based on its findings.

  • What is the minimum word count recommended for effective use of GPT Zero?

    -The script suggests that at least 200 words are needed for GPT Zero to efficiently detect whether a text is written by a human or AI.

  • What is the significance of the script's mention of testing GPT Zero on different topics?

    -Testing GPT Zero on different topics demonstrates the tool's ability to analyze and detect AI-generated text across a range of subjects, showcasing its versatility.

  • Why might GPT Zero fail to detect the source of a text when given a short introduction?

    -A short introduction may not provide enough data for GPT Zero to accurately analyze and determine the text's origin, leading to inconclusive results.



🤖 Detecting AI-Generated Text

This paragraph introduces the concept of AI-generated text and the challenges of distinguishing it from human-written content. It discusses the growing influence of AI in various fields and the need for a countermeasure to identify AI-generated text. The video script then introduces 'GPT 0', an AI developed to detect AI-generated text, and guides the viewer on how to access and use this tool. The process involves inputting text into the GPT 0 interface, analyzing it, and receiving a result indicating whether the text is likely human or AI-generated.



💡AI-generated text

AI-generated text refers to content created by artificial intelligence algorithms, which can mimic human writing style and produce coherent and relevant passages on a variety of topics. In the context of the video, AI-generated text is a subject of interest because it has become increasingly prevalent in fields such as writing, academia, blogging, and copywriting. The video discusses the use of AI to generate text and the need to distinguish it from human-written content.


GPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a type of AI language model that is capable of generating human-like text. The video mentions 'chat GPT' as a specific instance of such technology, which is being used to generate text on various topics. The term 'GPT' is central to the video's theme as it represents the technology that both creates and detects AI-generated text.


Gpt0, as introduced in the video, is an AI tool created to detect AI-generated text. It is named in reference to GPT but serves a counter purpose. The video demonstrates how gpt0 can be accessed and used to analyze text to determine if it was written by a human or an AI chatbot, emphasizing its role in identifying the origin of text in the digital age.

💡Machine Learning Researcher

A machine learning researcher is a professional who specializes in the development and application of machine learning algorithms. In the video, such a researcher has developed gpt0, highlighting the role of experts in the field in advancing technology to address new challenges, such as detecting AI-generated content.

💡Text Analysis

Text analysis is the process of examining and interpreting textual data. The video script describes how gpt0 performs text analysis to determine the source of a given text, whether it is human or AI-generated. This process is crucial for the video's demonstration of gpt0's functionality.

💡Neural Networks

Neural networks are a subset of artificial intelligence that are modeled loosely after the human brain. They are used in the video as an example topic for which both human-written and AI-generated texts are analyzed. The term is significant as it represents the technological complexity that both the video's subject matter and the tool gpt0 are addressing.

💡Copy and Paste

The phrase 'copy and paste' in the video refers to the action of transferring text from one location to another, which is demonstrated as part of the process of using gpt0. It is a common operation in digital text manipulation and is essential for inputting text into gpt0 for analysis.


An algorithm is a set of rules or steps used to solve a problem or perform a computation. In the context of the video, the term refers to the underlying process that gpt0 uses to analyze and determine the source of the text. The algorithm is key to the functionality of gpt0 and the video's demonstration of its capabilities.


Detection, in the video, refers to the act of identifying whether a piece of text is generated by AI or written by a human. This is the primary function of gpt0, as shown in the video, and is a central concept in the discussion of AI-generated text and its implications.

💡Human-Generated Text

Human-generated text is content that is written by a person, as opposed to AI-generated text. The video script uses this term to describe the type of text that gpt0 is able to identify as not being produced by an AI chatbot, emphasizing the importance of distinguishing between human and AI authorship.


Efficiency, in the context of the video, refers to the capability of gpt0 to accurately detect the source of text, particularly when a sufficient amount of text is provided. The video mentions that at least 200 words are needed for gpt0 to efficiently perform its detection, indicating the importance of text length for the tool's effectiveness.


AI-powered chat and bots are revolutionizing human interaction with artificial intelligence.

The need for a counter to AI-generated text is growing as it becomes more prevalent.

GPT is being used by various professionals to generate text on any topic.

AI-generated text detection is essential to ensure authenticity in writing.

GPT Zero is an AI created to detect AI-generated text.

GPT Zero can be accessed at for text analysis.

The main interface of GPT Zero allows users to input and analyze text.

GPT Zero uses an algorithm to determine if text is human or AI-generated.

Balloons in the GPT Zero result indicate the source of the text.

GPT Zero detected text likely to be human-generated in the first example.

Chat GPT was used to generate text on neural networks for comparison.

GPT Zero successfully identified AI-generated text from Chat GPT.

Testing GPT Zero on a topic about robotic scores showed human-generated text.

Chat GPT's generated text on robotic scores was identified as AI-generated by GPT Zero.

GPT Zero may not work accurately with less than 200 words of text.

A short introduction to robotic scores was not accurately detected by GPT Zero.

GPT Zero is a valuable tool for distinguishing between human and AI-generated text.