New Way to Bypass AI Detection (Guaranteed) ✅

Jason West
9 May 202312:24

TLDRIn this video, Jason explores methods to bypass AI detection systems, which can identify content generated by AI like GPT. He discusses the challenges and the evolution of AI detectors, such as Originality, and introduces 'Undetectable to AI', a tool that successfully rewrites content to appear human-written, thus evading detection. The video provides a hands-on demonstration of the tool's effectiveness and discusses the ongoing battle between AI content creators and detectors, highlighting the implications for educational institutions and businesses.


  • 😀 The video discusses methods to bypass AI detection systems, particularly for content generated by AI like articles and essays.
  • 🔍 AI detection tools are used to identify content that may have been generated by AI, which some users want to avoid due to various reasons, such as not wanting search engines to recognize the content as AI-generated.
  • 📝 The script mentions using AI-powered writers like Chat GPT, Copy AI, and, which can generate a variety of content types.
  • 🛠 The video demonstrates using Quill Bot to paraphrase AI-generated content, but notes that this method is no longer effective against advanced AI detectors like Originality.
  • 🆕 The presenter introduces 'Undetectable to AI' as a new tool that can successfully rewrite AI-generated content to appear human-written and avoid detection.
  • 🎯 The 'Undetectable to AI' tool offers a free trial and a money-back guarantee if the content it processes is flagged by AI detectors.
  • 📈 The video provides a link to a directory of AI detectors where viewers can test various tools, including Originality and
  • 📊 The presenter discusses the ongoing battle between companies creating AI content and those developing detection tools, with implications for educational institutions and businesses.
  • 💰 The pricing for 'Undetectable to AI' is highlighted, with an annual subscription being a cost-effective option for users needing to rewrite large volumes of content.
  • 🔗 The script includes a call to action for viewers to subscribe to the channel for more content on AI detection and Chat GPT, and to join a free group discussing AI and content writing.
  • 🔄 The video acknowledges the rapid changes in the AI and content generation space, suggesting that the search industry will undergo significant shifts in the near future.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about bypassing AI detection systems to make AI-generated content appear more human.

  • What is the purpose of using AI detection bypass methods?

    -The purpose is to rewrite AI-generated content so that it appears more human and is less likely to be detected by AI detectors, which can be important for SEO, content authenticity, or avoiding plagiarism detection.

  • What AI detection tool is mentioned in the video as being particularly challenging to bypass? is mentioned as one of the hardest AI detectors to bypass.

  • What software is suggested in the video as a solution to bypass AI detection?

    -The software suggested is called ' AI', which claims to help content pass AI detection systems.

  • How does the ' AI' software work?

    -The ' AI' software works by rewriting the content to make it appear more human and less likely to be flagged by AI detection systems.

  • What is the result of using ' AI' on the AI-generated content according to the video?

    -According to the video, using ' AI' results in the content being detected as 99% original and not flagged as AI-generated by

  • What is the significance of the battle between AI content creators and AI detectors?

    -The battle signifies a competitive market where companies are trying to either hide AI content or detect it, with potential financial gains for both sides, such as educational institutions and businesses.

  • What does the video suggest about the future of AI detection and content creation?

    -The video suggests that the search industry and AI content creation will continue to evolve, with tools like Google's AI and chat GPT becoming more prevalent, leading to a 'weird time' in the industry.

  • What is the pricing structure for ' AI' as mentioned in the video?

    -The pricing for ' AI' is mentioned as being very affordable, with an annual account costing around sixty dollars for ten thousand words per month to rewrite.

  • What guarantee does ' AI' offer for its service?

    -The company offers a money-back guarantee if any content they produce is flagged as not being human.

  • How does the video suggest improving the readability of content processed by ' AI'?

    -The video suggests using tools like Grammarly to polish the content, ensuring proper punctuation and readability.



🤖 AI Detection Bypass Techniques

In this paragraph, the speaker, Jason, introduces the topic of AI detection and how to bypass AI detectors. He shares his experience in achieving a high originality score on a tough AI detector, Originality, by using various paraphrasing tools. Jason discusses the common use of AI-powered writers like Chat GPT and the desire of some users to make AI-generated content appear more human to avoid detection by search engines or other platforms. He demonstrates the process of using Quill Bot to paraphrase an article on solar power and tests its effectiveness against Originality's AI detection capabilities, which successfully identifies the content as AI-generated.


🛠 Exploring Tools to Defeat AI Detectors

The second paragraph delves into the ongoing battle between companies creating AI-generated content and those developing detectors to identify it. Jason highlights the financial incentives on both sides, with educational institutions and businesses seeking to detect AI content to ensure original work. He introduces '', a tool that claims to create content that can evade AI detection, and demonstrates its effectiveness. The tool offers a free trial and a money-back guarantee if the content is detected as AI-generated. Jason tests the tool using an article on solar power and finds that it successfully passes the AI detection test on Originality, achieving a 99% originality score.


🌐 The Future of AI Content and Detection

In the final paragraph, Jason reflects on the changing landscape of AI content generation and detection, anticipating significant shifts in the search industry with the advent of Google's AI, Bard. He emphasizes the value of tools like '' for content creators who wish to publish AI-generated content without detection, suggesting it's a cost-effective solution with a money-back guarantee. Jason also invites viewers to join a community of over 4,300 members discussing AI, Chat GPT, and content writing, offering access to various plugins and prompts. He concludes by encouraging viewers to subscribe for updates on AI detection and related topics.



💡AI Detection

AI Detection refers to the process by which artificial intelligence algorithms analyze content to determine if it was generated by a human or an AI. In the context of the video, AI Detection is central to the discussion about how to bypass these systems to ensure content is perceived as human-written. The script discusses various tools and techniques used to achieve this, such as using 'Originality' to check for AI-generated content and '' to rewrite content to avoid detection.


Originality, in this context, is the name of an AI detection tool that checks the uniqueness and authenticity of content. The video mentions 'Originality' as a challenging detector to fool, as it can identify AI-generated content even after paraphrasing attempts. The script provides an example of using 'Originality' to test the effectiveness of paraphrasing through 'Quill Bot' and later using '' to successfully bypass it.

💡Quill Bot

Quill Bot is a paraphrasing tool designed to rewrite content in a way that maintains the original meaning but with different wording. The video script describes an attempt to use Quill Bot to paraphrase an AI-generated article to avoid AI detection, but it was unsuccessful as 'Originality' still flagged it as AI-written.

💡 is a software mentioned in the video that claims to rewrite AI-generated content in a way that makes it undetectable by AI detection tools. The script highlights its effectiveness by showing that content rewritten by '' passed the 'Originality' test, which is a significant achievement in the context of the video's theme.


To humanize content in the video's context means to rewrite or modify it so that it appears to be written by a human rather than an AI. The '' tool is said to have a 'humanize' feature that improves the chances of the content passing AI detection tests by making it seem more natural and less machine-generated.


Paraphrase is the act of rewording a text to convey the same meaning using different words. In the script, the term is used to describe the process of altering AI-generated content to try to avoid detection by AI detectors. However, the video notes that simple paraphrasing is not always sufficient to deceive these systems.


Readability refers to the ease with which a reader can understand a written text. The video script mentions setting the 'readability' level to 'high school' in '', indicating an intention to make the rewritten content accessible to a wide audience without sacrificing the original meaning.


Plagiarism is the act of using someone else's work or ideas without giving proper credit. In the context of the video, the term is related to the use of AI-generated content and the attempts to avoid detection as original work. The script discusses how 'Originality' can detect not only AI content but also instances of plagiarism.


Renewability, as discussed in the video in relation to solar power, refers to the characteristic of an energy source being able to be replenished naturally and sustainably. The script uses solar power as an example of a topic for which AI-generated content was created and then had to be humanized to avoid detection.


Eco-friendly describes practices, products, or processes that have minimal impact on the environment. In the video, the term is used in the context of discussing the benefits of solar power as an AI-generated topic, highlighting the environmental advantages of renewable energy sources over fossil fuels.

💡Content Rewrite

Content rewrite is the process of taking existing content and reworking it to improve its quality, presentation, or to change its purpose. The script discusses the use of '' for content rewrites to make AI-generated articles appear as if they were written by humans, thus avoiding AI detection.


A new method to bypass AI detection with a guaranteed 100% originality score on AI detectors is introduced.

Background on AI-generated content and the desire to make it appear more human to avoid detection.

Demonstration of using Chat GPT to create an article on the benefits of solar power.

The use of Quill Bot to paraphrase content and its effectiveness in the past.

Originality's AI detector's ability to identify AI-generated content even after paraphrasing.

Introduction of the 'undetectable to AI' software as a solution to bypass AI detection.

A free trial of 'undetectable to AI' and its process of checking for AI detection.

The 'humanize' feature of 'undetectable to AI' and its impact on content originality.

Recent updates to AI detectors and the ongoing battle between AI content creators and detectors.

The success of '' in creating content that Originality AI cannot detect.

The practicality of using AI-generated content and Google's stance on it.

The importance of readability and the potential need for grammar tools to polish AI-generated content.

Pricing details and the refund guarantee offered by 'undetectable to AI'.

The potential changes in the search industry due to advancements in AI content generation.

A free group for discussing AI, Chat GPT, and content writing with over 4,300 members.

The author's commitment to testing and updating on the best tools for AI detection bypassing.

A call to action for viewers to subscribe for more content on AI detection and Chat GPT.

The conclusion summarizing the current method to bypass AI detection using 'undetectable to AI'.