Introduction to AI Negotiator

The AI Negotiator is a specialized AI chatbot designed to leverage the best practices and approaches in negotiation, developed over 30+ years by Mitch Jackson. It combines advanced AI capabilities with comprehensive negotiation strategies from his two books: 'From Courtroom to Boardroom: A Trial Lawyer's Guide to Winning Negotiations' and 'The Mediator's Handbook: Turning Conflict into Collaboration.' The primary function of AI Negotiator is to provide users with tailored negotiation advice, strategies, and tips to enhance their negotiation skills and outcomes. For example, in a scenario where a user needs to negotiate a business deal, the AI Negotiator can guide them through the process, suggest effective strategies, and help them understand the psychological aspects of negotiation to ensure a successful outcome.

Main Functions of AI Negotiator

  • Personalized Negotiation Strategies

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    A user preparing for a salary negotiation can receive personalized strategies on how to present their case, including how to anchor the discussion and handle potential objections.

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    An employee planning to ask for a raise can input their situation into the AI Negotiator, which then provides a tailored strategy, including key points to emphasize and potential counterarguments to anticipate.

  • Conflict Resolution Techniques

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    In a business partnership dispute, the AI Negotiator can suggest conflict resolution techniques such as active listening and empathy-building exercises.

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    Two business partners facing a disagreement over profit sharing can use the AI Negotiator to learn techniques to de-escalate the situation and find a mutually beneficial solution.

  • Preparation for High-Stakes Negotiations

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    Before entering a multimillion-dollar contract negotiation, the AI can help users prepare by identifying their BATNA and setting realistic objectives.

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    A company executive preparing for a critical merger discussion can use the AI Negotiator to understand their best alternatives and develop a comprehensive negotiation plan.

Ideal Users of AI Negotiator Services

  • Business Professionals

    Executives, managers, and entrepreneurs who regularly engage in negotiations and conflict resolution. They benefit from the AI Negotiator by receiving expert strategies and tips to improve their negotiation outcomes and build stronger business relationships.

  • Legal Practitioners

    Lawyers, mediators, and arbitrators who require advanced negotiation techniques and conflict resolution skills. The AI Negotiator offers these professionals insights into negotiation psychology and effective methods to handle disputes, enhancing their ability to achieve favorable results for their clients.

How to Use AI Negotiator

  • Visit for a free trial without login, also no need for ChatGPT Plus.

    Access the website to start using AI Negotiator immediately without any account setup or subscription fees.

  • Understand the Prerequisites

    Ensure you have a clear negotiation scenario in mind, including all relevant details and objectives.

  • Utilize Common Use Cases

    Use AI Negotiator for various scenarios such as business deals, conflict resolution, or personal negotiations. Clearly define your goals and the context.

  • Engage with the Tool

    Input your negotiation parameters and engage with the tool's suggestions, adjusting your strategy as needed.

  • Optimize Your Experience

    Take advantage of the AI's feedback and recommendations, applying advanced negotiation techniques and tips provided to enhance your outcomes.

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Business Deals
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Personal Disputes
  • Purchasing Decisions

Detailed Q&A about AI Negotiator

  • What is AI Negotiator?

    AI Negotiator is a free, AI-powered tool designed to assist users in negotiating effectively by providing advanced techniques and strategies tailored to their specific scenarios.

  • How can AI Negotiator help in business negotiations?

    AI Negotiator offers strategic insights, BATNA analysis, and tailored suggestions to enhance your negotiation tactics, helping you achieve better deals and resolve conflicts efficiently.

  • Is AI Negotiator suitable for personal negotiations?

    Yes, AI Negotiator can be used for personal negotiations such as salary discussions, purchasing decisions, and resolving personal disputes by providing personalized advice and strategies.

  • Do I need any prior experience to use AI Negotiator?

    No prior negotiation experience is required. AI Negotiator is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to both beginners and experienced negotiators.

  • What makes AI Negotiator different from other negotiation tools?

    AI Negotiator combines the expertise from Mitch Jackson's books with AI technology to provide comprehensive, actionable advice and real-time feedback, making it a unique and powerful negotiation assistant.


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