How to Make $10k/Month Creating VIRAL Motivational Shorts, Reels and TikTok Videos (Step by Step)

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22 Jun 202403:55

TLDRLearn to create viral motivational videos for platforms like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok that generate thousands of dollars monthly. This guide walks you through scripting, sourcing b-roll footage, and editing techniques to produce high-quality content. Discover how to use AI for voiceovers, select impactful quotes, and add music and effects for a dark-themed, engaging video. Plus, a bonus method to maximize earnings from your motivational shorts.


  • 🎯 Create viral motivational videos for platforms like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok to earn revenue.
  • 📝 Start by crafting a compelling script with dark-themed motivational quotes using AI tools like Chat GPT.
  • 🔎 Search for deep-voiced quotes on the internet or use AI to generate them for a powerful impact.
  • 🗣️ Use 11 Labs to select a deep voice for narration and customize it to sound personal and motivational.
  • 🎵 Pair the voiceover with motivational background music to enhance the emotional appeal.
  • 🦁 Find high-quality, copyright-free b-roll footage featuring wolves or lions on Instagram or other free stock video sites.
  • ✂️ Edit the video in CapCut, trimming voiceover for clarity and incorporating a variety of clips to maintain viewer interest.
  • 🎨 Apply a dark theme to the visuals with adjustments and effects to create a cohesive and engaging mood.
  • 🔄 Add transitions and movements like the pendulum effect to make the video more dynamic.
  • 💬 Use auto-caption features for accessibility and ensure the text is well-styled and integrated with the background music.
  • 🌐 Stay engaged with the audience by encouraging subscriptions and notifications for updates on video releases.

Q & A

  • What is the primary platform for the motivational videos mentioned in the script?

    -The primary platforms mentioned for motivational videos are YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok.

  • How does the Instagram page mentioned in the script gain new followers?

    -The Instagram page gains new followers by sharing dark-themed motivational videos, which attract viewers and lead to monetization and brand sponsorships.

  • What is the role of Chat GPT in creating the motivational videos?

    -Chat GPT is used to generate quotes for the motivational videos, which are then modified and used in the voiceover.

  • How can one find quotes for the motivational videos?

    -Quotes can be obtained from Chat GPT or by searching Google for 'lion-based quotes' from various websites.

  • What is 11 Labs and how is it used in the video creation process?

    -11 Labs is a platform where you can choose a deep voice suitable for motivational content, paste your quote, tweak it for direct address, and generate the voiceover.

  • How can one ensure the music used in the videos is royalty-free?

    -The script suggests checking the description for a link to music that can be used, implying that the music provided there is royalty-free.

  • What are some sources for obtaining b-roll footage for the videos?

    -B-roll footage can be obtained from Instagram by searching for wolf or lion videos, or from websites like,, and, which offer copyright-free videos.

  • What editing software is mentioned in the script for creating the motivational videos?

    -The script mentions using 'cap cut' for editing the videos, including importing videos, cutting voiceover, and adding effects and transitions.

  • How can one add captions to the video in the editing process?

    -In the editing process, after completing all steps, one can click on 'text' then 'caption', choose 'Auto caption', select English, and generate the captions.

  • What are some recommended settings for giving the video a dark theme?

    -The script suggests going to 'adjustment' and changing the settings as shown on the screen, with the specific settings provided in the description for accuracy.

  • What is the final step in the video editing process mentioned in the script?

    -The final step is to add background music to enhance the video, ensuring that the editing is thorough and the video looks great before publishing.



📈 Monetizing Dark Themed Motivational Videos

This paragraph introduces a video tutorial on creating dark themed motivational videos for platforms like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok. It explains how such content can attract followers and monetize through views and sponsorships. The speaker promises a step-by-step guide, from scriptwriting to editing, and hints at a secret method to earn more from these videos.

🤖 Utilizing AI for Script and Quotes

The speaker instructs viewers to use AI software, Chat GPT, to generate a script and find lion-based quotes for their motivational content. They suggest modifying the AI-generated content and searching Google for additional quotes, emphasizing the ease of finding suitable material online.

🎙️ Selecting the Right Voice for Narration

The paragraph details the process of choosing a deep voice for the video's narration using 11 Labs. It guides viewers on creating an account, selecting a voice from the library, and customizing the voice to sound personal and motivational. The speaker also explains how to generate and download the voiceover.

🎵 Adding Background Music and B-roll Footage

This section provides guidance on selecting motivational background music and sourcing b-roll footage from Instagram or copyright-free websites like Pexels, Pixabay, and Mixkit. It emphasizes the importance of using high-quality, copyright-free clips to avoid legal issues.

🎬 Video Editing Techniques for Dark Themed Content

The speaker outlines the video editing process, starting with importing the downloaded videos and voiceover into CapCut. They instruct on cutting unnecessary parts of the voiceover, adding a variety of video clips to maintain viewer interest, and applying dark-themed adjustments and effects to align with the motivational content's style.

📹 Final Touches and Auto Captioning

The final paragraph discusses adding transitions, movement effects like the pendulum, and auto-captioning the video in English for accessibility. It also mentions customizing captions and adding background music to enhance the video's appeal. The speaker encourages spending time on editing to ensure the video looks polished and ends with a quote about sharing the Earth with fellow creatures.



💡Viral Motivational Shorts

Viral motivational shorts refer to short video content that is designed to inspire and motivate viewers, which quickly gains popularity and is widely shared on social media platforms. In the context of this video, the focus is on creating such content for platforms like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok, with the aim of monetization and brand sponsorships.


Monetization is the process of generating revenue from a digital asset, such as a video or a website. In the video script, monetization is mentioned as a way to earn thousands of dollars every month by sharing motivational videos, which involves earning money through ads, sponsorships, or other revenue streams.

💡Brand Sponsorship

Brand sponsorship is a marketing strategy where a company provides financial support to a content creator in exchange for promotional content or endorsements. The script outlines that creating viral motivational videos can attract brand sponsorships, which is one of the methods to earn money.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI software mentioned in the script as a tool for generating quotes. It can be used to create script content for motivational videos by inputting prompts and receiving responses that can be modified to fit the video's theme.

💡11 Labs

11 Labs is a platform mentioned in the script for creating voiceovers. It offers a variety of voices that can be used to bring a script to life, enhancing the emotional impact of the motivational content.

💡B-roll Footage

B-roll footage refers to supplementary video material that is used to enrich the main footage in a film or video. In the context of creating motivational shorts, B-roll footage includes high-quality clips of themes like wolves or lions, which add visual interest and align with the dark-themed motivational content.

💡Copyright Issues

Copyright issues pertain to the legal rights of creators over their original works. The script advises using websites like Pexels, Pixabay, and Mixkit for B-roll footage, as they offer copyright-free videos, ensuring that the content created does not infringe on others' rights.

💡Editing Process

The editing process is a crucial step in video production where raw footage is refined into a final product. The script describes the editing process for motivational videos, including cutting voiceovers, adding B-roll footage, adjusting visuals for a dark theme, and adding effects and transitions to make the video engaging.

💡Auto Caption

Auto caption is a feature in video editing software that automatically generates captions based on the audio track of a video. The script mentions using the auto caption feature to add English captions to the video, making it accessible to a wider audience.

💡HD Talking Avatar

An HD talking avatar is a high-definition animated character that mimics the speech of a voiceover. The script suggests creating an HD talking avatar for a faceless YouTube channel, which can add a visual element to the video and make it more appealing to viewers.


Creating viral motivational videos can generate thousands of dollars monthly through monetization and brand sponsorships.

A step-by-step process is provided for making motivational videos for YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, or TikTok.

Use chat GPT to generate a motivational script or find lion-based quotes online.

11 Labs is recommended for selecting a deep voice suitable for motivational content.

Modify the script to sound more direct and emotionally engaging for viewers.

Download the generated voiceover and prepare to add background music.

Search Instagram for wolf or lion videos or use websites like for royalty-free b-roll footage.

Ensure copyright-free content to avoid legal issues with video clips.

Editing involves cutting voiceover, arranging diverse b-roll clips, and maintaining viewer interest.

Apply a dark theme to pictures or videos by adjusting settings and adding effects.

Use transitions and movement effects like the pendulum to enhance video engagement.

Auto-caption the video in English for accessibility and clarity.

Choose a caption style, adjust size, font, and add background music for a polished final product.

Spend time on editing to ensure the video looks professional and engaging.

The video concludes with a quote emphasizing the importance of sharing the Earth with fellow creatures.

A call to action is made for viewers to subscribe to the channel and watch more videos on creating an HD talking avatar.