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Which tools can I use to run an ASREPRoasting attack against the domain controller on the AD account ICORP.LOCAL\svcbackup? Print tools, command line parameters and the values to be set.

AD user ICORP.LOCAL\miller has WriteDacl privileges over the DnsAdmins group. How can I elevate privileges? Print tools and command line parameters to be set.

I have SSH access from my Kali box as a regular user to a dual-homed Linux box at and need to pivot into the internal network. Print tools and command-line parameters for pivoting. Include non-SSH tools.

Analyze vulnerabilities in the attached BloodHound data and show ways to become Domain Admin.

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Introduction to Pentest GPT

Pentest GPT is an advanced, specialized tool designed for professional penetration testers. It provides detailed technical guidance, including specific tools, command line parameters, and practical examples. Pentest GPT is designed to cover various aspects of cybersecurity such as Network Security, Web Application Security, Privilege Escalation, and both Linux and Windows environments. The tool is intended to act as both a tutor and a comprehensive resource, offering high-level, expert advice tailored to the specific system being tested. For example, if a penetration tester is assessing a web application, Pentest GPT can provide specific scripts, tools, and methodologies to identify and exploit vulnerabilities.

Main Functions of Pentest GPT

  • Network Security Testing

    Example Example

    Using Nmap for network scanning and enumeration

    Example Scenario

    A penetration tester needs to map out the network structure of a target organization. Pentest GPT guides the tester in using Nmap to discover live hosts, open ports, and running services, providing command syntax and options to tailor the scan for comprehensive results.

  • Web Application Security

    Example Example

    Identifying and exploiting SQL Injection vulnerabilities

    Example Scenario

    When testing a web application, the tester suspects a SQL Injection vulnerability in a login form. Pentest GPT provides detailed steps to confirm the vulnerability, including sample payloads and tools like SQLMap, to automate the exploitation and demonstrate the impact of the vulnerability.

  • Privilege Escalation

    Example Example

    Exploiting misconfigured Sudo permissions on Linux

    Example Scenario

    After gaining initial access to a Linux server, the tester aims to escalate privileges. Pentest GPT offers a checklist of common misconfigurations to check, such as incorrect sudo permissions, and guides on using tools like GTFOBins to exploit these misconfigurations for root access.

Ideal Users of Pentest GPT

  • Professional Penetration Testers

    Penetration testers who perform security assessments and ethical hacking will benefit from Pentest GPT's detailed guidance on a variety of testing methodologies and tools. The tailored advice and comprehensive examples assist in efficiently discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities.

  • Cybersecurity Students and Educators

    Students learning about penetration testing and educators who teach cybersecurity can use Pentest GPT as a learning aid. The detailed explanations and practical examples help in understanding complex concepts and applying them in simulated environments.

How to Use Pentest GPT

  • 1

    Visit aichatonline.org for a free trial without login, also no need for ChatGPT Plus.

  • 2

    Familiarize yourself with the interface and explore the available options and tools.

  • 3

    Identify your specific use case (e.g., Network Security, Web Application Security) and input relevant queries or tasks.

  • 4

    Utilize the detailed guidance provided by Pentest GPT to execute penetration testing tasks, following any recommended tools and command line parameters.

  • 5

    Review the results and insights from Pentest GPT, and iterate as needed to refine your security assessments or penetration tests.

  • Network Security
  • Web Security
  • Linux
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Windows

Pentest GPT Q&A

  • What is Pentest GPT?

    Pentest GPT is an advanced AI tool designed for penetration testers, providing detailed technical guidance, specific tools, command line parameters, and practical examples for security assessments.

  • What are the main functionalities of Pentest GPT?

    Pentest GPT covers Network Security, Web Application Security, Privilege Escalation, Linux, and Windows. It offers precise, actionable strategies and solutions tailored to the system being tested.

  • How can I start using Pentest GPT?

    You can start using Pentest GPT by visiting aichatonline.org for a free trial without needing to log in or having a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Familiarize yourself with the interface and input relevant queries.

  • What kind of support does Pentest GPT provide for penetration testing?

    Pentest GPT provides comprehensive insights across various domains of security, including detailed technical guidance, command line examples, and tool recommendations for effective penetration testing.

  • Can Pentest GPT help with both Linux and Windows systems?

    Yes, Pentest GPT is designed to offer tailored advice and solutions for both Linux and Windows systems, ensuring comprehensive coverage of potential vulnerabilities and security assessments.



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