GPT Zero Review: The Ultimate Challenge - Does It Detect All AI-Written Content?

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23 Apr 202413:25

TLDRThis video review explores the effectiveness of AI detection tools, focusing on 'Undetectable AI' and 'GPT Zero'. The host tests various tools using content generated by GPT 4 and evaluates their ability to detect AI-written text. 'GPT Zero' stands out for its accuracy, even after content is rewritten to appear human. The video also discusses the impact of these tools on education, as they're being adopted by schools to ensure academic integrity. The host recommends 'GPT Zero' as the most reliable AI detection tool after numerous tests.


  • 😀 The video reviews an AI detection tool called 'Undetectable AI' and another called 'GPT Zero'.
  • 🔍 'Undetectable AI' is an AI detector that the reviewer uses frequently and is impressed with its capabilities.
  • 💰 The reviewer mentions being a paying customer of GPT, subscribing at $20 a month for the best version available.
  • 📝 The script demonstrates the process of pasting AI-generated text into 'Undetectable AI' to check for AI detection.
  • 🟢 The color-coded system in 'Undetectable AI' uses green for human-written text, orange for a mix, and red for AI-written text.
  • 🏆 'GPT Zero' stands out as the most challenging AI detection tool to trick, even after text rewriting.
  • 👨‍🏫 'GPT Zero' is partnered with the American Federation of Teachers, indicating its use in educational settings to detect AI-written student work.
  • 🔧 'Undetectable AI' has a 'humanize' feature that rewrites text to pass AI detection, but 'GPT Zero' consistently detects it.
  • 📉 Other AI detection tools tested, such as 'Zero GPT' and 'Content at Scale', did not consistently detect the AI-generated text after 'humanizing'.
  • 💡 The reviewer suggests that 'GPT Zero' is the best tool for detecting AI content, as it is the hardest to trick based on their tests.
  • 📈 The video concludes with a pricing model for 'GPT Zero', highlighting different plans and features for various users.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video review?

    -The main topic of the video review is the evaluation of AI detection tools, specifically focusing on 'Undetectable AI' and 'GPT Zero'.

  • What does the 'Undetectable AI' tool do?

    -The 'Undetectable AI' tool is designed to detect AI-generated content. It analyzes text and provides a percentage indicating how likely the text is to be AI-generated.

  • What is the significance of the 'GPT Zero' tool mentioned in the video?

    -The 'GPT Zero' tool is highlighted as a gold standard in AI detection, trained to detect content from various large language AI models, including Chat GPT, GPT-4, and Bard Llama.

  • How does the 'GPT Zero' tool stand out according to the video?

    -The 'GPT Zero' tool stands out because it is difficult to trick, even after rewriting the content, and it has partnered with the American Federation of Teachers to introduce AI education tools in classrooms.

  • What is the purpose of the 'humanize' feature in 'Undetectable AI'?

    -The 'humanize' feature in 'Undetectable AI' rewrites the text to make it pass AI detection, turning the results from a mix of human and AI to 100% human.

  • What does the video suggest about the effectiveness of 'Zero GPT'?

    -The video suggests that 'Zero GPT' is inconsistent in its effectiveness, sometimes failing to detect AI-written content when other tools succeed.

  • What is the 'Content at Scale' tool's unique feature?

    -The 'Content at Scale' tool's unique feature is that it identifies which sentences in the text are most likely to be AI-generated, allowing users to focus on improving those parts.

  • What are the different pricing plans mentioned for 'GPT Zero'?

    -The pricing plans for 'GPT Zero' include Essentials at $10 a month, Premium at $16 a month, and Professional at $23 a month, each offering different features and word counts.

  • How does the video review suggest using the 'Undetectable AI' tool?

    -The video review suggests using the 'Undetectable AI' tool to check for AI in written content and then using its 'humanize' feature to rewrite the text to pass AI detection.

  • What is the conclusion of the video review regarding the best AI detection tool?

    -The conclusion of the video review is that 'GPT Zero' is the best AI detection tool based on its consistent ability to detect AI-written content, even after the text has been rewritten to appear more human.



🤖 Introduction to AI Detection Tool Review

The video script introduces a review of an AI detection tool called 'Undetectable AI', which the speaker highly recommends. The tool is designed to identify content generated by AI, and the speaker will demonstrate its effectiveness by pasting text created using 'GTP 4 plus'. The speaker is a paying customer of GTP and uses the premium version for the best results. The script mentions the availability of the tool and the link in the video description, and the video will cover the tool's features and a comparison with other AI detection tools.


🔍 Testing AI Detection Tools for Effectiveness

The speaker proceeds to test the 'Undetectable AI' tool by pasting an article generated by GTP and checking its AI detection capabilities. The tool offers different options for content types, and the goal is to see if the AI-generated text can be detected. The results show mixed findings with some content detected as half AI and others as 100% human. The speaker highlights one tool, 'GPT Z', which stands out for its difficulty to be tricked, even after rewriting the text. The script also mentions a partnership with the American Federation of Teachers, indicating that 'GPT Z' will be used in educational settings to detect AI-generated student work.


📈 Comparing AI Detection Tool Performance

The script continues with a comparison of different AI detection tools, including 'Content and Scale' and 'Zero GPT'. The speaker tests the same AI-generated text across these tools to see which can accurately detect AI content. The results vary, with 'GPT Z' consistently identifying AI content, while other tools like 'Zero GPT' and 'Content and Scale' either fail to detect it or provide inconclusive results. The speaker also discusses the 'humanize' feature of 'Undetectable AI', which attempts to rewrite text to pass AI detection. The final tests show varying degrees of success, with 'GPT Z' remaining the most effective at detecting AI content.

🏆 Conclusion on the Best AI Detection Tool

In conclusion, the speaker summarizes the performance of the AI detection tools tested, emphasizing that 'GPT Z' is the most reliable and difficult to trick. The speaker provides information on the pricing models of 'Undetectable AI', highlighting the features of different subscription tiers. The script ends with a recommendation to check out 'GPT Z' and 'Undetectable AI', as they are considered the best tools for detecting AI-generated content, especially for educators and students. The speaker invites viewers to leave comments and subscribe to the YouTube channel for more content.



💡AI detection tool

An AI detection tool is a software designed to identify content that has been generated by artificial intelligence. In the video, the host reviews several of these tools to determine their effectiveness in detecting AI-written content. The primary focus is on the tool called 'GPT Zero,' which is highlighted for its advanced detection capabilities.

💡Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI is one of the AI detection tools mentioned in the video. It is used to analyze text and determine whether it appears to be written by a human or an AI. The video demonstrates its use by pasting AI-generated text into the tool to see if it can be detected, and it is also used to 'humanize' text to pass AI detection.


GPT, which stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is referenced in the script as the AI model used to create the text for testing the AI detection tools. The script mentions 'GTP 4 plus,' indicating a specific version or iteration of the GPT model.


In the context of the video, 'humanize' refers to the process of rewriting or adjusting AI-generated text so that it appears to be written by a human. The 'Undetectable AI' tool has a 'humanize' feature that attempts to modify the text to pass AI detection tests.

💡GPT Zero

GPT Zero is an AI detection tool that is positioned as a gold standard in the video. It is trained to detect content from various large language AI models, including GPT 4. The video emphasizes its effectiveness, as it consistently identifies AI-generated content even after other tools fail to do so.

💡American Federation of Teachers

The American Federation of Teachers is mentioned as a partner of GPT Zero, indicating that the tool is being introduced to classrooms to help educators detect AI-generated content in student work. This partnership underscores the tool's credibility and its application in educational settings.

💡Content Scale

Content Scale is another AI detection tool featured in the video. It is noted for its ability to indicate which sentences in a text are most likely to be AI-generated, providing a useful feature for users to identify and revise suspect content.

💡Zero GPT

Zero GPT is an AI detection tool that the video host tests alongside others. It is shown to have mixed results in detecting AI-generated content, sometimes failing to identify it when other tools succeed.


The term 'AI-generated' is used throughout the script to describe content created by artificial intelligence. The video's theme revolves around detecting whether text is AI-generated, with the various tools being tested for their ability to make this distinction.

💡Pricing model

The pricing model mentioned in the video refers to the different subscription plans offered by the AI detection tools, particularly GPT Zero. The plans vary based on features and the amount of content that can be analyzed, with options ranging from free to professional tiers.


Rewrite in this context means to modify or rephrase the text to change its characteristics, often to improve clarity or, as shown in the video, to avoid detection by AI tools. The process of rewriting is central to the video's demonstration of how AI-generated content can be made to appear human-written.


Review of an AI detection tool called 'Undetectable AI'.

Introduction of 'GPT Zero' as the ultimate challenge in AI detection.

Undetectable AI's ability to detect AI-generated content with various writing purposes.

Demonstration of pasting text created by GPT into Undetectable AI for analysis.

Undetectable AI's feature to rewrite text to pass AI detection.

GPT Zero's high accuracy in detecting AI-written content even after rewriting.

GPT Zero's partnership with the American Federation of Teachers for AI education tools.

GPT Zero's use in classrooms to detect AI-assisted student writing.

Comparison of different AI detection tools and their effectiveness.

Zero GPT's inconsistent performance in detecting AI-written content.

Content at Scale's unique feature to identify AI-generated sentences.

The process of 'humanizing' AI-written text to pass detection.

GPT Zero's persistent detection of AI content, even after multiple rewrites.

Undetectable AI's effectiveness in tricking most AI detectors except GPT Zero.

GPT Zero's endorsement by school boards and its use by educators.

Pricing models and features of GPT Zero for different user needs.

Final recommendation of GPT Zero as the best AI detection tool based on extensive testing.