[PoE] Meme Museum - Necropolis League - Stream Highlights #851

5 Jul 202420:43

TLDRWelcome to the Meme Museum of the Necropolis League, where we explore the strange and cursed items from the Path of Exile game. From the introduction of T7s and grave crafting to the unexpected surprises, we delve into the world of unique and often bugged items. Highlights include a five Quant ventor with a twist, a blight well with double corrupted implicits, and an unopenable cursed map. Discover the most cursed items in the game and stay tuned for what the next league brings.


  • 🏰 The video is a showcase of unique and cursed items from the Necropolis League in the game Path of Exile.
  • 📜 The script mentions 'honorables' and 'main memes', categorizing the showcased items into different sections.
  • 🛡️ A 'majestic plate of crafting' with unusual crafted implicits and explicits is shown, but its relevance is questioned.
  • 🔮 An item with 'double corrupted identified unidentified mirrored Jewels' is highlighted, which had a notable bug that was later fixed.
  • ⏳ A 'tides of Time' belt with a unique mod but all three stats rolled as zero, making it less powerful despite its rarity.
  • 📜 The video discusses items that were bugged and subsequently fixed, such as belts with extra sockets that no longer exist in the game.
  • 💎 An 'Akuna wheel' with a rare combination of mods is featured, emphasizing the uniqueness of certain item rolls.
  • 🔗 A 'phase breaker' with perfect stats is shown, highlighting the rarity and desirability of such items.
  • 🗺️ The script covers 'unopenable cursed maps', adding to the theme of cursed and unusual items in the Necropolis League.
  • 💍 A ring that claims to have a socket but actually doesn't is presented, adding to the humor and oddity of the items discussed.
  • 📚 An 'Expedition log book' with no cost for map crafting options is showcased, pointing out another peculiar item from the league.

Q & A

  • What is the theme of the 'Meme Museum of the Necropolis League'?

    -The theme revolves around the unusual and cursed items that appeared during the Necropolis League, including the introduction of t7s and grave crafting.

  • What is the significance of the 'suffixed majestic plate of crafting' mentioned in the script?

    -The 'suffixed majestic plate of crafting' is an item with two crafted implicits and two crafted explicits, which is considered an oddity in the game.

  • Why was the 'double corrupted unidentified mirrored Jewels Minon damage pen silence meme' considered a dead item?

    -It was considered dead because it used to have six sockets despite stating minus three, which was a bug that got fixed, making the item no longer special.

  • What is the 'Tides of Time' item and why is it notable?

    -The 'Tides of Time' is a belt that regenerates a lot of flask charges, but it is notable because it rolled all three stats to zero, making it a humorously ineffective item despite its potential usefulness.

  • What is the issue with the 'inscribed ultimatum' item in the script?

    -The issue with the 'inscribed ultimatum' is that it requires sacrificing an item to get back a similar item, essentially making it a free divination once, but still a garbage item.

  • Why is the 'Akuna wheel' item considered cool in the script?

    -The 'Akuna wheel' is considered cool because it is a minion item that rolled with really good spell corrupt double implicits, making it a rare and powerful item.

  • What is the problem with the 'phase breaker' item mentioned in the script?

    -The 'phase breaker' is a good item with plus one frenzy and temp chains on hit, but the problem is that it is perfect with an 800 out of 600 to 800 range, which is a rare occurrence.

  • What is the 'five Quant ventor' item and why is it not as impressive as it could be?

    -The 'five Quant ventor' is an item that could have been impressive due to its potential, but it is not because the explicits are minus four Quant, making it effectively a one Quant ventor.

  • Why is the 'blight well with double corrupt' item considered cursed in the script?

    -The 'blight well with double corrupt' is considered cursed because it has two different implicit bases, one corrupt and one non-corrupt, which is a rare and undesirable combination.

  • What is the significance of the 'ring with one socket' item in the script?

    -The significance of the 'ring with one socket' is that it claims to have a socket, but in reality, it does not, which is a misleading and unusual characteristic for an item.

  • What is the 'Expedition log book map crafting' item and how is it special?

    -The 'Expedition log book map crafting' item is special because it has no cost for map crafting options, making it a valuable asset for players looking to craft maps without spending resources.

  • What is the story behind the 'empty coffin' item in the script?

    -The 'empty coffin' is a legacy item from the Necropolis League, which used to drop without corpses and required players to put corpses into it, similar to the metamorphy mechanic where players had to loot organs and assemble monsters.

  • Why is the 'five Quant Mage blood' item considered the most cursed item in the script?

    -The 'five Quant Mage blood' is considered the most cursed item because it has been sitting unidentified in the display case the entire league, and the player has chosen to keep it that way, adding to its uniqueness and cursed nature.



🏺 Introduction to the Museum of Curious League Items

The script opens with a welcome to the Museum of the Necropolis League, highlighting a peculiar season marked by the introduction of T7s and grave crafting. The guide introduces three tabs: Honorable Mentions, Main Memes, and a surprise. The Honorable Mentions include a crafted majestic plate with multiple crafted implicits, double corrupted unidentified mirrored jewels, and a belt with a unique mod that was later fixed. The guide also discusses other items such as a belt with a bugged socket, a map with a unique fracturing, and a phase breaker with perfect stats.


🔮 Unusual and Cursed Items Showcase

This paragraph delves into the peculiarities of the league, showcasing items like a ring with a missing socket, an expedition log book with map crafting options, and a double corrupted Eye of the Great Wolf with unusual implicits. The guide also touches on cursed maps that cannot be opened, flasks with quality issues, and a crafted item that adds zero damage due to a tempering orb's effect, illustrating the unpredictable nature of the league's items.


🗝️ Unique and Legacy Items from the Necropolis League

The script continues with a discussion on unique and legacy items, such as a socketless skill gem with a cost and reservation multiplier, an empty coffin from the early stages of the league, and a Harbinger corpse. The guide also mentions a corpse cloak with a six-link white chest and a blood-filled vessel with an expedition boss, emphasizing the rarity and the 'cursed' nature of these items.


🛡️ Fractured and Cursed Gear from the League

This section highlights a set of fully fractured, mirrored, and corrupted items created by Bazooka, including a helmet with hypothermia AOE crit, a triple shaper amulet, and belts with various mods. The guide points out the impossibility of modifying these items due to their mirrored and corrupted state, and the uniqueness of each item's mods, showcasing the extreme 'cursed' nature of the gear.


💍 The Most Cursed Blood Field Vessel and a Special Unidentified Item

The script concludes with the presentation of the most cursed Blood Field Vessel, containing an unusually high number of Exiles and other monsters. It also mentions a special unidentified item, the five Quant Mage blood, which has been kept unidentified in a display case throughout the league. The guide reflects on the league's unique and cursed items and teases what the next league might bring, ending with a call to like, subscribe, and follow for more content.



💡Necropolis League

The Necropolis League is a term referring to a specific event or season within the game 'Path of Exile' (PoE). It is a period where players can participate in unique challenges and mechanics introduced during the league. In the video, the Necropolis League is the central theme, showcasing various items and occurrences peculiar to this league.


't7s' or Tier 7 maps are a type of endgame content in PoE. They are the most challenging maps with the highest tier, offering greater rewards but also tougher enemies. The introduction of t7s in the Necropolis League added a new level of difficulty and loot opportunities for players.

💡Grave Crafting

Grave Crafting is a feature or mechanic introduced in the Necropolis League, allowing players to craft specific items or effects related to graves or tombs. It adds a thematic crafting system to the game, enhancing the league's unique identity.

💡Honorable Mentions

In the context of the video, 'Honorable Mentions' refers to items or events that are noteworthy but not the main focus of the video. They are highlighted for their peculiarity or humor, setting the stage for the more significant 'memes' or highlights that follow.

💡Majestic Plate of Crafting

The 'Majestic Plate of Crafting' is an item in PoE that has been modified with crafted implicits and explicits, making it unique. In the video, it is mentioned as an example of an item with crafted attributes, though its presence is somewhat puzzling, adding to the humor.

💡Double Corrupted

In PoE, 'Double Corrupted' refers to items that have been affected by the corruption mechanic twice, resulting in unique and often undesirable effects. The video script mentions several items with this status, emphasizing the randomness and sometimes humorous outcomes of corruption.

💡Tides of Time

'Tides of Time' is a belt in PoE that has the potential to regenerate flask charges. In the video, a Tides of Time belt with all three stats rolled to zero is mentioned, making it an example of an item with a funny but ultimately less useful outcome.

💡Inscribed Ultimatum

The 'Inscribed Ultimatum' is an item in the game that has a special interaction where sacrificing an item can lead to gaining another. In the video, it is used as an example of an item with a unique mechanic, adding to the variety of content discussed.

💡Abyssal Jewel

An 'Abyssal Jewel' in PoE is a type of jewel that can have various modifiers affecting minions. The video mentions an Abyssal Jewel with multiple minion nodes, showcasing the depth of customization available for players who utilize minion builds.

💡Blight Well

The 'Blight Well' is an item mentioned in the script with unique properties, including double corrupted implicits and global defenses. It serves as an example of the extreme and sometimes unusable items that can be found in the game, contributing to the video's theme of showcasing 'cursed' items.

💡Empty Coffin

An 'Empty Coffin' is a legacy item from the Necropolis League, which originally required players to place corpses into it. In the video, it is mentioned as a relic of the past, no longer obtainable in the same way, adding to the historical context of the league.

💡Harbinger Corpse

The 'Harbinger Corpse' is a specific type of monster or item in PoE that is common during the Necropolis League. It is highlighted in the video as a recurring element that players often encounter, contributing to the league's atmosphere.

💡Blood Field Vessel

A 'Blood Field Vessel' is an item that can contain a large number of monsters, including Exiles. The video mentions a particularly cursed example with 33 Exiles and other monsters, illustrating the extreme and sometimes overwhelming nature of the content in the game.

💡Rip Tab

The 'Rip Tab' refers to a section of the video where a player named 'bazooka' created a full set of fractured items, each with unique and unmodifiable properties. It exemplifies the creativity and dedication of players in exploiting game mechanics for unique builds.

💡Mage Blood

The 'Mage Blood' is a unique item in PoE that has been kept unidentified throughout the league, adding an element of mystery and potential to the video's narrative. It is mentioned as a final highlight, emphasizing the unpredictable and exciting nature of the game.


Introduction of t7s and grave crafting in the Necropolis League.

Honorable mentions include a suffixed majestic plate of crafting with crafted implicits and explicits.

Double corrupted unidentified mirrored Jewels with Minon damage pen and silence meme.

Tides of Time belt with three zero stats despite its potential.

Inscribed ultimatum item that allows for free divination once.

Akuna wheel with minion item rolls and spell corrupt double implicits.

Heretic Swale, a curse Helm with increased curse effect as an implicit mod.

Phase breaker with plus one frenzy and temp chains on hit, perfect draw.

Five Quant ventor with double corrupt implicits but minus four Quant on explicits.

Blight well with Global defenses and a corrupted implicit, a cursed item.

Abyssal Jewel with six minion nodes, a unique find for Necropolis League.

Unopenable cursed Maps, a birthday surprise for the viewers.

Ring with a missing socket, a mysterious item with no suckets.

Expedition log book map crafting options with no cost, a rare drop.

Eye of the Great Wolf with double corrupted implicits, a peculiar item.

Map t17 white map modifiable only with chaos orbs, a puzzling find.

Flasks with 40% quality, a method for achieving high-quality flasks.

Crafted item adding 0 to 27 lightning damage due to tempering orb effects.

Unidentified Timeless Jewel with rolls that may be from an altar.

Socketed skill gems with a 90% cost and reservation multiplier.

Empty coffins, a legacy item from the Necropolis League.

Harbinger corpse, a common yet cool monster from the league.

Corpse cloak, a six link white chest with unique properties.

Blood field vessel with unique expedition boss U, a cursed item.

33 Exiles in a blood fill vessel, the most cursed item in the game.

Full set of fractured, mirrored, and corrupted items, a league first.

Six link shields that existed for a day, a rare and cursed find.

Five Quant Mage blood, an unidentified item that will remain a mystery.