Path of Exile Builds
30 Jun 202403:35

TLDRDanielle reviews a cost-effective and beginner-friendly totem build for 'Path of Exile'. The 'Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant' offers rapid map clearing with totems and massive single-target damage against bosses. Despite minor drawbacks like projectile blockage by obstacles, the build is highly safe and requires minimal investment for high-tier content. With Soul Mantle for extra support and a Kazar ring to counter curses, this build is a solid choice for players seeking efficiency and ease of play.


  • 🌟 This build review introduces a Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant build for Path of Exile Necropolis.
  • πŸŽ– The build is designed for totem lovers and is beginner-friendly with a low investment and easy gameplay.
  • πŸ’Ž Utilizes the Freezing Pulse skill on multiple totems for fast clear speed and Spectral Throw for boss damage.
  • πŸ›‘ Totem builds are safe due to the summoning mechanic, allowing players to stay back while totems do the work.
  • πŸ† Ideal for clearing high-tier content with low-grade gear, especially with Ice Spear totems for boss fights.
  • 🚫 Projectiles from Freezing Pulse can be obstructed by terrain, affecting clear speed if not repositioned.
  • πŸ›‘ Despite lacking evasion or spell dodge, the build remains safe with proper positioning and totem management.
  • πŸ’° Budget-wise, the build can clear early end-game maps with around 35 exalted orbs and yellow maps with 90.
  • πŸ›’ Poebus.net can be used to streamline equipment purchases with direct links from other players.
  • 🧿 Requires specific unique items like Soul Mantle armor and a Kaom's Heart for increased damage and curse effects.
  • πŸ”’ Clear speed is rated 8 out of 10 due to the need for frequent totem resummoning and projectile path issues.
  • πŸ›‘ Survivability is high at 9 out of 10, with the build's armor and block chance compensating for the totem's vulnerability.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of today's build review in the video?

    -Today's build review focuses on the 'Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant' build in the game Path of Exile, which is particularly appealing to totem lovers.

  • Why are totem builds often the first choice for many Path of Exile players?

    -Totem builds are often the first choice for many players due to their low investment requirements, ease of gameplay, and the ability to clear a lot of game content.

  • What are the advantages of using the freezing pool skill on multiple totems according to the build?

    -Using the freezing pool skill on multiple totems provides great clear speed, which is beneficial for clearing content quickly.

  • What is the main strategy for dealing with boss fights in this build?

    -The main strategy for boss fights in this build is to use Ice Spears for incredible single-target boss damage.

  • What are the cons of the build in terms of gameplay mechanics?

    -The cons include potential issues with projectile obstacles affecting clear speed and the lack of access to evasion or spell dodge.

  • How safe are totem builds in terms of player survivability?

    -Totem builds are very safe as players can summon totems and stay behind while the totems handle combat, allowing for positioning to avoid damage.

  • What is the estimated budget required to get started with this build?

    -The initial budget to start this build is around 35 exalted orbs for early end-game maps, with an investment of around 90 orbs for advancing to yellow maps.

  • What unique items are essential for this build and why?

    -Essential unique items include the Soul Mantle armor for supporting a level 20 spell totem, a Karui Ward for countering curses, and a Self-Flagellation jewel for increasing damage based on the number of curses.

  • How does the build rate in terms of clear speed and boss damage?

    -The build rates highly in clear speed with an 8 out of 10, and it excels in boss damage with a perfect 10 out of 10.

  • What is the survivability rating of this build and why?

    -The survivability rating is 9 out of 10 due to the totem build's inherent safety, allowing players to stay away from the action while the totems do the work, along with high armor and block chance.

  • How can viewers find more information about the build and support the channel?

    -Viewers can find more information about the build, including links for PoE Trade and complete guides, in the video description. They can also support the channel by leaving a thumbs up.



πŸŽ‰ Introduction to Build Review

Danielle, the host, welcomes viewers to a build review designed to quickly provide all necessary information to decide if a build is suitable for the viewer. The video includes links for Path of Exile (PoE) and complete guides in the description. Danielle encourages viewers to support the channel with a thumbs up and wishes them happy holidays before diving into the review of a totem build for 'freezing pool' lovers.

🏹 Totem Builds Overview

The script explains that totem builds are popular for their low investment and ease of gameplay, allowing players to clear game content efficiently. Danielle highlights the build's use of the 'freezing pool' skill for fast clear speed and 'S to I spear' for high boss damage. She emphasizes the safety of totem builds, as players can summon totems to do the work while they stay behind, and mentions the build's suitability for high-tier content with low-grade gear.

πŸ’° Budget and Gear Investment

Danielle discusses the budget required for the build, stating that it can destroy early end-game maps with an investment of around 35 exalted orbs and advance to yellow maps with around 90. For easily completing the Atlas, she recommends investing around 300 orbs, although it's possible with less. She also mentions that PoE's trade site can be used to find all necessary equipment, including mandatory unique items that are typically cheap and easy to acquire.

πŸ›‘οΈ Survivability and Unique Gear

The script covers the survivability of the build, noting its high armor and block chance, which contribute to its safety. It also details the unique items required for the build: Soul Mantle armor for support by a level 20 spell totem, a Kaom's Ring to counter curses, and a self-flatulation jewel for increased damage with curses. Danielle explains the benefits of these items and how they contribute to the build's overall performance.

🌟 Clear Speed and Boss Damage Rating

Danielle rates the build's clear speed at eight out of ten, noting the need to frequently reposition or resummon totems to avoid obstacles. She gives the boss damage a perfect score, praising the build's ability to switch to ice spears for increased single-target damage. The survivability is rated at nine out of ten, highlighting the build's safety as a totem build and the player's ability to easily complete high-tier maps with low-grade gear.

πŸ“’ Conclusion and Viewer Engagement

In conclusion, Danielle invites viewers to share their thoughts on the freezing pool totem build in the comments and to support the channel with a thumbs up. She wishes everyone a great holiday and encourages them to continue building, ending the video on a positive and engaging note.



πŸ’‘Freezing Pulse

Freezing Pulse is a skill in the game 'Path of Exile' that fires a piercing projectile that deals cold damage and has a chance to freeze enemies. In the context of the video, it is used as the primary skill for totems, which are summoned entities that perform actions on the player's behalf. The script mentions using Freezing Pulse on multiple totems for great clear speed, emphasizing its efficiency in clearing groups of enemies.


A totem in 'Path of Exile' is a type of minion that can be placed on the ground to perform various tasks such as dealing damage, providing support, or offering buffs. The video review focuses on a build that utilizes totems to cast the Freezing Pulse skill, showcasing their utility in both clearing mobs and dealing high single-target damage to bosses.


In the game, Hierophant is a class of totems that are used for their spellcasting abilities. The term is used in the video to describe the type of totem that is being built around, which specializes in casting spells like Freezing Pulse. The Hierophant totems are highlighted for their effectiveness in the build being reviewed.


In the context of 'Path of Exile', a build refers to a specific configuration of skills, gear, and passive abilities chosen by a player to create a character with a unique playstyle. The video is a review of a particular build that uses Freezing Pulse totems, discussing its advantages, playstyle, and cost-effectiveness.

πŸ’‘Clear Speed

Clear speed in 'Path of Exile' refers to how quickly a player can eliminate enemies in a map or area. The script mentions that using Freezing Pulse on totems provides a great clear speed, indicating that this build is efficient at clearing maps due to the rapid firing of freezing projectiles by the totems.

πŸ’‘Boss Damage

Boss damage is the amount of damage a character can deal to a boss enemy in the game. The video emphasizes that the build has incredible boss damage, especially when switching from Freezing Pulse to Ice Spears for boss fights, showcasing the adaptability of the build for high-priority targets.


In the context of the video, investment refers to the amount of currency or resources a player needs to spend to acquire the necessary gear and items for the build. The script discusses the low investment required for this build to be effective, making it accessible to many players.


Evasion is a defensive mechanic in 'Path of Exile' that allows a character to avoid enemy attacks. The script notes that the build does not have access to evasion, which is a consideration for players who prefer builds with high survivability through dodging attacks.

πŸ’‘Spell Suppression

Spell suppression refers to the ability to prevent or reduce the effectiveness of enemy spells. The video mentions that the build lacks spell suppression, which could be a disadvantage in situations where enemies use powerful spells.

πŸ’‘Soul Mantle

Soul Mantle is a unique body armor in 'Path of Exile' that applies a random curse to the player when a totem dies. The script explains that this item is necessary for the build because it allows for the application of additional curses, which in turn increases damage through the use of a Self-Flaying jewel.

πŸ’‘Self-Flaying Jewel

A Self-Flaying Jewel is an item that grants increased damage based on the number of curses affecting the player. The video mentions that this jewel is used in conjunction with Soul Mantle to maximize damage output, as the player will consistently have multiple curses applied due to the nature of the build.


Build review for the Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant in Path of Exile Necropolis.

Freezing Pulse Totem is a cost-effective build with easy gameplay.

Totem builds are popular for low investment and high clear speed.

The build uses Freezing Pulse skill on multiple totems for fast clearing.

Incorporate S to I Spear for incredible boss damage.

Totem builds are safe and allow for easy high-tier content clearing with low-grade gear.

Freezing Pulse totems provide significant single-target damage for boss fights.

Projectiles can be hindered by obstacles, affecting clear speed.

Build lacks evasion and spell suppression but remains safe due to totem mechanics.

Budget requirements for early end-game maps are around 35 exalted orbs.

For advanced yellow maps, an investment of around 90 exalted orbs is needed.

PoeBus.net can be used to streamline equipment purchases for the build.

The build requires specific unique items that are typically affordable and accessible.

Soul Mantle armor is essential for supporting Freezing Pulse with a spell totem.

Kazar ring is needed to counteract the effect of curses.

Self-Flatulation jewel provides increased damage for each curse on the player.

Clear speed is rated 8 out of 10, requiring frequent totem resummoning.

Boss damage is exceptional, earning a perfect 10 out of 10 rating.

Survivability is high at 9 out of 10, given the totem build's safety.

High armor and block chance contribute to the build's survivability.

The review concludes with a summary of the build's strengths and potential drawbacks.