POE 3.25 Spoilers Day 4: Big Hidden Changes. Life, Quality & QOL. Path Of Exile Settlers of Kalguur

8 Jul 202409:58

TLDRIn the fourth day of teasers for Path of Exile's 3.25 patch and the Settlers of Kalguur expansion, significant hidden changes suggest a rework of melee combat, potentially reducing reliance on ancestral totems. Quality of life and base defense changes are teased, with adjustments to item quality impacting gameplay. New armor bases hint at increased defensive options, while changes to how item quality multiplies with base stats could significantly buff physical damage weapons. These updates may alter the balance of unique and rare items in builds.


  • πŸ” Subtle totems in the teaser videos suggest potential reworks for melee combat, possibly reducing reliance on ancestral totems.
  • πŸ›‘οΈ The action of summoning totems can disrupt leeching, leading to dangerous gameplay moments that may be addressed in patch 3.25.
  • πŸ› οΈ Item quality changes are teased, with varying requirements for blacksmith's whetstones and armor scraps based on item level.
  • πŸ“ˆ Unique items will receive a 1% quality improvement universally, which could impact their value and usage in builds.
  • πŸ‘’ The introduction of new mods on 'Wrath's Span' boots indicates possible increases in maximum life or new categories of hybrid mods.
  • πŸ›‘οΈ New base items like the 'Nightwave Robe' with higher energy shield values hint at new tiers of defensive armors being added to the game.
  • 🧠 High intelligence requirement for new bases suggests that gearing towards specific attributes will become more challenging.
  • πŸ’ͺ Changes to how item quality multiplies with base stats on weapons and armor could significantly buff physical damage output.
  • πŸ—‘οΈ Weapons with percentage increases to physical damage will benefit more from quality improvements, making certain uniques and rares more desirable.
  • 🏺 Prefixes that give a percentage increase to armor will become stronger, potentially shifting the balance of armor types in player builds.
  • 🌟 The impact of these changes on the drop rates of quality modifying currencies is uncertain, but they may become rarer to balance their increased power.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the discussion in the provided script?

    -The main focus of the discussion is the potential changes and updates in the game Path of Exile, specifically for patch 3.25 and the Settlers of Kalguur expansion, including quality of life improvements, quality changes, life changes, and base defenses changes.

  • What speculations are there regarding the changes to melee combat in Path of Exile?

    -There are speculations that melee combat may undergo significant reworks, possibly removing its reliance on ancestral totems, due to the issues with minions not staying alive and the need to stop attacking to summon totems, which interrupts leeching and puts the player at risk.

  • Why are ancestral totems currently a problem for melee characters in Path of Exile?

    -Ancestral totems are problematic because they require the player to stop attacking to summon them, which in turn interrupts leeching and puts the player in danger. Additionally, the totems themselves often do not survive in combat, and summoning them mid-combat can be inconvenient.

  • What is the significance of the dead totems hidden in the teaser videos?

    -The hidden dead totems in the teaser videos suggest that there may be major changes to the way melee combat works, potentially addressing the issues with ancestral totems and their impact on gameplay.

  • What changes are being made to item quality in the game?

    -The number of blacksmith's whetstones and armor scraps required to max out quality on gear will vary based on the item level, with uniques receiving a universal 1% increase. The change also affects how cartographer's chisels work, providing different percentages of quality based on map tier.

  • How does the new base item 'Nightwave Robe' differ from existing high-end energy shield items?

    -The Nightwave Robe has a higher energy shield range compared to the current highest energy shield item, the V Regalia, and it also has a very high intelligence requirement and level requirement, indicating that it is part of a new tier of defensive armors.

  • What is the potential impact of the change in how item quality affects physical damage on weapons?

    -The change will make percentage increases to physical damage on weapons multiplicative with the quality, resulting in a considerable buff to any physical damage weapon with such a modifier, especially on items with high values for this stat.

  • What could be the implications of the changes to the item quality system for trading and economy in Path of Exile?

    -The changes may increase the value of quality on endgame weapons and make it more desirable, potentially leading to an increase in the consumption of perfect fossils and other quality-modifying currencies. It might also affect the drop rates of these currencies.

  • What are the possible reasons for the absence of melee totems in the day 2 video of the teaser?

    -The absence of melee totems in the day 2 video suggests that they might not be used at all in the new patch, indicating a possible shift in how melee combat is approached in the game.

  • How might the changes to the quality system affect the choice of using unique items in builds?

    -With the increased power ceiling of rare items due to the changes in the quality system, it may become harder to justify using unique items in the long term, except for build-defining unique items, as the opportunity cost of those items will be higher.

  • What are the speculations about the changes to the Valo Maps or tier 17 maps based on the script?

    -The script suggests that there might be changes to Valo Maps or tier 17 maps, possibly allowing the application of a cartographer's chisel to modify quality, which is not currently possible.



πŸ” Speculation on Melee Rework in Path of Exile

The script discusses potential changes in Path of Exile's upcoming patch 3.25, focusing on the possibility of a melee rework. It points out the current issues with melee characters' reliance on ancestral totems, which can be problematic in combat due to the need to stop attacking to summon them, interrupting leeching and putting the player at risk. The video hints at subtle clues like 'dead totems' suggesting a rework might be underway. The absence of melee totems in the day 2 video for the Harvest quality of life change is highlighted as unusual, especially for a character using a cyclone-based build, suggesting that melee mechanics might be altered in the new patch.


πŸ›‘οΈ New Armor and Quality Changes in Path of Exile

This paragraph delves into the new armor bases and quality changes in Path of Exile. It mentions the introduction of higher tiers of defensive armors, particularly for pure intelligence builds, and possibly for all six types. The new base 'Nightwave Robe' is introduced with a high intelligence requirement and a significantly higher energy shield compared to existing top-tier items like the 'V Regalia'. The summary also touches on the impact of changes to item quality, where the multipliers for physical damage on weapons and armor scraps are now multiplicative with the base stats, potentially leading to a considerable buff for physical damage weapons with high percentage increases. The changes suggest that rare items might become more competitive with unique items, and there is speculation about the possible decrease in the drop rates of quality-modifying currencies.



πŸ’‘POE 3.25 Spoilers

POE 3.25 Spoilers refers to the sneak peeks or early information about the upcoming changes and features in the game Path of Exile's version 3.25. This is significant for the gaming community as it provides insights into what to expect in the new patch, including gameplay adjustments, quality of life improvements, and potential reworks of certain mechanics.

πŸ’‘Settlers of Kalguur

Settlers of Kalguur is the name of the expansion being teased for the game Path of Exile. It is an addition to the game that will likely introduce new content, areas, and mechanics for players to explore and engage with. The expansion is a major theme of the video, indicating that it will bring substantial changes to the game.

πŸ’‘Quality of Life Changes

Quality of Life Changes, often abbreviated as QoL, refers to improvements made to enhance the user experience without necessarily altering the core gameplay. In the context of the video, these changes are part of the patch 3.25 updates, aiming to make the game more enjoyable and less cumbersome for players.

πŸ’‘Ancestral Totems

Ancestral Totems are a feature in Path of Exile that provide significant buffs to melee combat. They are mentioned in the script as potentially being reworked to improve the gameplay experience, addressing issues such as the need to stop attacking to summon them, which can interrupt leeching and put players at risk.

πŸ’‘Melee Reworks

Melee Reworks suggest a major overhaul of the melee combat system in Path of Exile. The script hints at changes that could reduce the reliance on ancestral totems and improve the overall flow and safety of melee combat, which is a significant aspect of the game.

πŸ’‘Item Quality

Item Quality in Path of Exile refers to the process of enhancing the attributes of weapons and armor using specific in-game materials. The script discusses changes to how quality affects items, with varying percentages applied based on the item level, which will impact how players optimize their gear.

πŸ’‘Base Defenses

Base Defenses pertain to the inherent protective stats of armor and other defensive items in the game. The script mentions changes to base defenses, suggesting that there will be new tiers of defensive armors added, which could alter the balance of defensive strategies among players.

πŸ’‘Nightwave Robe

The Nightwave Robe is a new base item mentioned in the script, which has a high energy shield range and a significant intelligence requirement. It represents a new tier of defensive armors, indicating a shift in how players might approach character defense in the game.

πŸ’‘Crystallized Omniscience

Crystallized Omniscience is an in-game mechanic that interacts with the intelligence stat to enhance the effectiveness of certain items. The script suggests that using this mechanic with the new Nightwave Robe will be challenging, indicating a potential increase in the complexity of optimizing character builds.

πŸ’‘Physical Damage Weapons

Physical Damage Weapons are a category of weapons in Path of Exile that deal damage based on their physical damage attribute. The script discusses how changes to item quality will affect these weapons, with percentage increases to physical damage becoming multiplicative with quality, leading to a significant buff for such weapons.

πŸ’‘Armor Scraps

Armor Scraps are materials used to modify the armor of items in Path of Exile. The script mentions that the impact of armor scraps on item quality is changing, with percentage increases to armor becoming more potent, which will affect how players enhance their defensive capabilities.


POE 3.25 introduces significant hidden changes in the game.

Speculations about reworks of melee combat, potentially removing reliance on ancestral totems.

Issues with current melee power tied to ancestral totems and their impact on combat mechanics.

Official teasers hint at quality of life, quality, and life changes in the game.

Subtle hints in videos suggest possible adjustments to melee combat mechanics.

Changes to item quality, affecting the amount of resources needed to max out quality.

New mods on items suggest an increase in maximum life and evasion rating.

Introduction of new base items with higher energy shield and intelligence requirements.

Possible new tiers of defensive armors being added to the game.

Changes to how item quality interacts with base stats, impacting physical damage weapons.

Multiplier effect on physical damage due to quality changes, benefiting certain items.

Implications of quality changes on armor scraps and the potential impact on gameplay.

Possible decrease in drop rates of quality modifying currencies to balance game mechanics.

Totems for melee builds may become optional combat minions instead of mandatory buffs.

The teasers suggest a rebalancing of defensive auras and base gear defenses.