Potential CRAZY Implications of the QUALITY MULTIPLIER Buff | Path of Exile 3.25 Settlers of Kalguur

9 Jul 202414:26

TLDRThis video discusses the significant changes to the Quality Multiplier in Path of Exile's 3.25 update, 'Settlers of Kalguur'. The update shifts the Quality bonus calculation from an additive to a multiplicative model, greatly enhancing the effects on gear stats. The video explores how this impacts various unique items, potentially buffing weapons and armor significantly, with examples like the Apex Cleaver and the AIs Aurora shield. However, it also speculates on possible preemptive nerfs before the patch's release, leaving players in anticipation.


  • πŸ” Quality now applies to items based on item level rather than rarity, affecting how Blacksmith's Whetstones, Armorer's Scraps, and Chisels are used.
  • πŸ›‘οΈ Armor and weapons will see a significant change in how quality affects their stats, with quality becoming a multiplier to the base stat instead of being additive.
  • πŸ—ΊοΈ Maps will also receive quality improvements, with white maps gaining 20% quality from a chisel, yellow maps 10%, and red maps 5%.
  • πŸ›‘οΈ Unique items remain with a fixed 1% quality increase per use of quality items, regardless of item level.
  • πŸ“Š The new quality system could potentially buff certain items significantly, especially physical damage weapons that are in need of a boost.
  • 🏹 Weapons like the Apex Cleaver, with its implicit for plus 40% maximum quality, could see a massive buff under the new system.
  • πŸ—‘οΈ High base damage weapons, such as Maro I, could benefit greatly from the new quality multiplier, increasing their damage output substantially.
  • πŸ›‘οΈ Armor items like AIS Aurora's Shield and Brasst, could receive huge increases in their defensive stats due to the new quality multiplier.
  • πŸ‘‘ Unique helmets like the Brian Crown and Cloak of Defiance could provide substantial increases in armor and energy shield with the new system.
  • πŸ’– The Incandescent Heart and other body armors could see large increases in base defenses, making them even more desirable for players.
  • πŸ›‘οΈ The Emperor's Vigilant Shield could become a monster in terms of providing armor and energy shield, especially when combined with certain skills.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is discussing the changes to the Quality Multiplier Buff in the game Path of Exile, specifically in the 3.25 Settlers of Kalguur update.

  • How is the Quality change applied to items in the new update?

    -In the new update, Quality is applied to items based on item level instead of different Rarities. For example, a low-level item like a Blacksmith's Whetstone can be applied directly to a weapon to give 20% Quality.

  • What is the impact of the Quality change on Maps?

    -Maps will have a similar Quality change where white Maps will gain 20% Quality from a Chisel, yellow Maps will gain 10% Quality, and red Maps will gain 5% Quality.

  • What is the new base type shown in the video?

    -The new base type shown is an item level 78 energy Shield body armor, which gains 2% Quality per Armor Smith scrap used on it.

  • How does the Quality change affect the way it works with local stat increases on gear?

    -In patch 3.25, Quality on armor and weapons will be a multiplier to the base stat of the item, instead of being additive with local stat increases.

  • What is an example of how the new Quality multiplier works?

    -The video uses a Soul Taker unique Axe as an example, where the Quality now acts as a multiplier on top of the flat damage and increased physical damage modifiers.

  • Which weapons are highlighted as potentially receiving a significant buff from the Quality change?

    -Weapons such as the Apex Cleaver, Maroi Ky, The Winds of Fate, and Star Forge are highlighted as potentially receiving a significant buff from the Quality change.

  • How does the Quality change affect armor items?

    -The Quality change affects armor items by increasing the base defenses of the armor, such as armor and energy shield, based on the new multiplier system.

  • What are some of the unique armor items mentioned in the video that could get a significant buff from the Quality change?

    -Unique armor items like Aegis Aurora, Brasst, Brian Crown, Cloak of Defiance, Hyrri's Ire, Incandescent Heart, and Shadow Stitch are mentioned as potentially getting a significant buff from the Quality change.

  • What is the potential impact of the Quality change on Ward builds?

    -The Quality change could potentially buff Ward builds in general, and if new Ward base types or support are added, it could lead to even stronger Ward builds.

  • Is there a possibility that some items might be nerfed before the patch is released?

    -Yes, there is a possibility that some items might be preemptively nerfed before the patch is released to balance the effects of the Quality change.



πŸ“œ Changes to Item Quality Mechanics

This paragraph discusses the recent teasers about changes in the game's quality mechanics. The first teaser introduces a new system where quality is applied based on item level rather than rarity, allowing for instance, a low-level blacksmith Wet Stone to be applied to a weapon for a 20% quality boost. Armor and maps are also affected by similar changes. A new item level 78 energy shield is highlighted, which gains 2% quality per armor smith scrap. Unique items remain at a fixed 1% quality increase per use. The second teaser reveals a significant change where quality will now act as a multiplier to the base stat of items, fundamentally altering how stats like physical damage and evasion are calculated. The impact of these changes on certain items is yet to be seen, as they might be adjusted before the official patch release.


πŸ—‘οΈ Weapon and Armor Buffs from Quality Multiplier

The second paragraph delves into the potential impact of the new quality multiplier on specific weapons and armors. Weapons like the Apex Cleaver, which has an implicit for maximum quality, and Maro Ky, known for its flat damage, are expected to see significant buffs. The Winds of Fate and Star Forge are also highlighted, with the former benefiting from its awkward usage and the latter from its high physical damage roll. The discussion then shifts to armors, with the AIs Aurora Shield and Brass Crown set to receive substantial increases in armor and energy shield. The Cloak of Defiance and Hy's Breach are also mentioned, with the latter potentially breaching a 4,000 evasion rating. The Emperor's Vigilant Shield and the impact of the changes on Ward builds are briefly touched upon, with speculation about possible further support for Ward in the upcoming patch.


πŸ›‘οΈ Detailed Analysis of Unique Items and Quality Changes

The final paragraph provides a detailed analysis of how unique items will be affected by the quality changes. It focuses on items like the AIs Aurora Shield, which could potentially receive a preemptive nerf to balance its increased stats. The paragraph also mentions the BR Stone, which will provide a significant amount of armor, and the Brian Crown, which will offer substantial bonuses in a倴盔 slot. The Cloak of Defiance is expected to become even more popular due to the increased evasion and energy shield. The Hy's Breach and Incandescent Heart are also set to receive large boosts in their base defenses. The Shadow Stitch is highlighted for its potential to reach extremely high armor and evasion ratings, and the Emperor's Vigilant Shield is noted for its already impressive stats that will become even more formidable. The paragraph concludes with a brief mention of the Ward and the anticipation of what the new patch might bring for it.



πŸ’‘Quality Multiplier Buff

The 'Quality Multiplier Buff' refers to an enhancement in the game mechanics of 'Path of Exile' where the quality of items now acts as a multiplier to the base stat of the item rather than being purely additive. This change significantly impacts the effectiveness of weapons and armor, potentially increasing their power. In the video, the presenter discusses how this buff could lead to 'crazy implications' for certain items, altering their performance in the game.

πŸ’‘Item Level

In the context of the video, 'Item Level' is a property of items in 'Path of Exile' that determines the effectiveness of certain modifiers, such as quality. The script mentions that the application of quality is now based on item level instead of item rarity, meaning that even low-level items can receive substantial bonuses from quality improvements, which was not the case before.

πŸ’‘Blacksmith's Whetstone

'Blacksmith's Whetstone' is an in-game item used to increase the quality of weapons. The script explains that with the new changes, even low-level items can be enhanced with a Whetstone to provide a 20% quality boost, which is a significant improvement from the previous system where the quality bonus was limited by the item's rarity.

πŸ’‘Armor Smith Scrap

Similar to the 'Blacksmith's Whetstone', 'Armor Smith Scrap' is used to enhance the quality of armor. The video script indicates that the new quality system allows for a more substantial increase in the quality of armor pieces, with different percentages applied based on the item's level, thus significantly affecting the armor's defensive capabilities.


The 'Chisel' is an item that affects the quality of maps in 'Path of Exile'. According to the script, the new changes introduce a system where white maps gain 20% quality, yellow maps gain 10%, and red maps gain 5% from the use of a chisel, which is a new mechanic that alters how map quality is determined.


In the video, 'Multiplier' is used to describe how the quality bonus now interacts with the base stats of items. Instead of simply adding to the existing stats, the quality now multiplies them, leading to a potentially exponential increase in the item's effectiveness. This is a pivotal change that the video explores in depth.

πŸ’‘Soul Taker

'Soul Taker' is a unique Axe in 'Path of Exile'. The video uses it as an example to illustrate the impact of the new quality multiplier system. With the change, the weapon's physical damage is significantly increased due to the multiplier effect of quality on its base damage, showcasing the potential power increase for such unique items.

πŸ’‘Apex Cleaver

The 'Apex Cleaver' is a heist base type weapon in the game that has an implicit modifier for plus 40% maximum quality. The script discusses how this weapon stands to benefit greatly from the new quality system, potentially making it one of the most powerful weapons in the game if it isn't nerfed in the upcoming patch.


'Ward' refers to a defensive mechanic in 'Path of Exile' where players can create a protective barrier. The video speculates on potential changes to Ward in the new patch, suggesting that if new base types or support are added, it could greatly buff builds that utilize Ward, although it is uncertain whether such changes will occur.

πŸ’‘Emperor's Vigilant Shield

The 'Emperor's Vigilant Shield' is a unique item in the game that provides a substantial amount of armor and energy shield. The script highlights how this item could become even more powerful with the new quality multiplier system, turning it into an 'absolute monster' in terms of defensive capabilities.


Quality changes in Path of Exile 3.25 now apply based on item level rather than item rarity.

Low-level items can now receive significant quality improvements from Blacksmith's Whetstones and Armorer's Scraps.

Maps will also experience a similar quality change, with varying percentages based on map color.

Introduction of a new base type, a level 78 energy shield body armor, showcasing the new quality application.

Unique items remain with a fixed 1% quality increase per use.

Quality on armor and weapons will now act as a multiplier to the base stat, significantly changing item scaling.

Example provided with Soul Taker Axe to illustrate the new quality multiplier mechanics.

Potential buff for physical damage weapons, especially with the new quality system.

Apex Cleaver, a Heist exclusive weapon, could receive a massive buff due to its implicit for maximum quality.

Maroi Ky, known for its flat damage, will see a significant increase in damage per hit with the new quality system.

The Winds of Fate unique item may become more viable with the new quality system, despite its awkward usage.

Star Forge, a two-handed sword, will benefit from the increased physical damage role, boosting its DPS.

Aurora's Shield could see a dramatic increase in armor and energy shield if not preemptively nerfed.

Brass St I, with its max roll on armor base, will provide a substantial amount of armor with the new quality system.

Brian Crown, already a strong item, will gain even more armor and energy shield from the quality multiplier.

Cloak of Defiance, with the archmage changes, will provide even more evasion and energy shield.

Hyssop, with its max increased evasion rating, will almost breach 4,000 evasion rating with the new changes.

Incandescent Heart will see a significant increase in base defenses, making it even more popular.

Shadow Stitch, with its potential high rolls, will become an extremely strong option for armor and evasion.

Emperor's Vigilant Shield, already powerful, will become a monster with the new quality changes.

Ward builds may receive a general buff from the quality changes, with potential for more if new base types are added.