POE 3.25 Spoilers Day 3: Waypoint QoL & Starting My Build Project- Path Of Exile Settlers of Kalguur

7 Jul 202405:23

TLDRDay three of the Path of Exile 3.25 patch teaser season introduces quality of life improvements, notably the Waypoint changes allowing players to automatically activate them by approaching, rather than clicking. Additionally, a community build project aims to test and document various potential League starters, addressing the imbalance in build optimization and exploring overlooked or underperforming builds, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of build viability.


  • 🎢 The music director of Grinding Gear Games, Camil, has shared a snippet of the soundtrack for the 'Settlers of Kalguur' expansion.
  • πŸš€ Patch 3.25 will introduce quality of life improvements to Waypoints, allowing players to activate them by simply being close enough, rather than needing to click on them.
  • πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Players will no longer need to worry about missing Waypoints like Crossroads in Act 2 and Act 7, or Crystal Veins, which were previously a pain to overlook.
  • πŸ” The video does not contain hidden information about new skills or abilities, contrary to some speculations.
  • πŸ—οΈ A community build project is being launched to test various builds as potential starters for the upcoming league, aiming to identify builds that scale well beyond the early game.
  • πŸ“ˆ The project aims to address the current issue in build planning where less attention is given to less popular or untested builds.
  • 🌐 The goal is to gather evidence on builds' performance, especially for those that may not be optimal or could be considered derisory.
  • πŸ“Š The builds will be tested up to the Maven, which requires a stronger character overall, to ensure they are effective in both early game and soft bossing content.
  • πŸ€” The project seeks to uncover hidden gems in build options that may not have been recognized as good until thoroughly tested.
  • πŸ“ There will be a call for community involvement to level up builds and provide write-ups and video footage for each, to aid in decision-making for future league starters.
  • πŸ—“οΈ The testing and gathering of information is planned to occur in the final days of the current league, with a preference for permanent solo self-found for those interested.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video script for Day 3 of teaser season for patch 3.25 in Path of Exile?

    -The main topic is the Waypoint Quality of Life changes that will be implemented in patch 3.25 and a community build project to test potential League starters for the upcoming Settlers of Kalguur expansion.

  • What is the significance of the Waypoint changes in patch 3.25?

    -The Waypoint changes are significant because they allow players to automatically activate Waypoints by getting close to them, which is a small but welcome Quality of Life improvement for players who have accidentally run past Waypoints in the past.

  • What is the purpose of the community build project mentioned in the script?

    -The purpose of the community build project is to test various builds for potential League starters in patch 3.25, aiming to identify builds that are not only good at clearing early game content but also scale well to later game challenges.

  • Why is the Maven chosen as the end point for testing builds in the community build project?

    -The Maven is chosen because it requires a slightly stronger character overall compared to the commonly used Ender and Xar setup, which helps in identifying builds that scale well and perform consistently throughout the game.

  • What is the issue in build planning that the community build project aims to address?

    -The project aims to address the issue where most work goes into optimizing already known good builds, while less attention is given to determining whether certain builds are truly terrible or not.

  • What was the example given in the script about an under-optimized build that became popular due to content creators?

    -The example was the Hex Blast Mindblast build, which gained popularity in the Sanctum League due to Korean language content advocating for it, even though the English-speaking Path of Exile community had not yet optimized it.

  • What is the goal of the community effort to level builds in the dying days of patch 3.24?

    -The goal is to gather evidence and insights on various builds, including their performance and viability, by leveling them up and documenting their progress, which will help inform players about potential League starters for patch 3.25.

  • How does the script suggest documenting the progress of the builds being tested?

    -The script suggests having a short write-up of each build and links to video footage that showcases their performance at different levels, providing a comprehensive view of their viability throughout the game.

  • What is the preferred game mode for testing builds in the community build project?

    -The preferred game mode is permanent solo self-found, as it allows for a controlled environment to test builds without the influence of other players.

  • How can interested community members participate in the community build project?

    -Interested community members can participate by joining the organizer's Discord server, where the project will be coordinated and information shared.



🎢 Music and Quality of Life Updates in Patch 3.25 🎢

The first paragraph introduces the third day of teaser season for the upcoming Settlers of Calgar expansion in Path of Exile. It discusses two main pieces of news: an unofficial snippet of the soundtrack by the game's music director, Camil, shared on Twitter, and official news about waypoint changes in patch 3.25. The new waypoint feature allows players to activate them by simply getting close, rather than clicking, which is a small but appreciated quality of life improvement. The paragraph also hints at hidden information in past videos and mentions a community build project to test potential League starters, aiming to identify overlooked builds that could be effective in the game.


πŸ›  Community Build Project and Discord Invitation πŸ› 

The second paragraph elaborates on the community build project mentioned earlier, which is designed to test various builds for potential effectiveness as League starters in patch 3.25. The goal is to address the issue of build planning by not only optimizing known good builds but also by testing lesser-known ones to determine their viability. The speaker plans to gather evidence and create write-ups for multiple builds, along with video footage, to provide players with insights into their performance at different levels. The paragraph concludes with an invitation to join the speaker's Discord server for further details and community engagement, despite the inconvenience of not providing a clickable link due to spam concerns.



πŸ’‘POE 3.25

POE 3.25 refers to the version number of the game 'Path of Exile', which is an action role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games. In the video script, it is mentioned as the upcoming patch for the game, indicating a new update that will bring changes and improvements to the gameplay experience.

πŸ’‘Settlers of Kalguur

Settlers of Kalguur is the name of the expansion being discussed in the video. It is a new content addition to the game 'Path of Exile', which is expected to introduce new features, areas, and challenges for players to explore and engage with.


A Waypoint in 'Path of Exile' is a location within the game world that allows players to quickly travel to and from that point. The script mentions a quality of life improvement where players no longer need to click on the Waypoint to activate it, but just need to be close enough, enhancing the player's convenience.

πŸ’‘Quality of Life

Quality of Life, in the context of video games, refers to improvements that enhance the player's overall experience without necessarily changing the core gameplay mechanics. The script discusses a Waypoint change as a small but welcomed Quality of Life update in patch 3.25.

πŸ’‘League Starters

In 'Path of Exile', a League Starter refers to a character build that is initiated at the beginning of a new league, which is a temporary event within the game. The script talks about a community build project aiming to test various builds for their effectiveness as League Starters in patch 3.25.


Maven is a boss in 'Path of Exile' that players encounter in the Atlas of Worlds endgame content. The script mentions reaching Maven as a goal for testing build effectiveness, as it requires a well-rounded and strong character to defeat.

πŸ’‘Build Planning

Build Planning in the context of 'Path of Exile' involves strategizing and preparing a character's development path, including skills, gear, and passive tree choices. The script discusses an issue with build planning where most effort goes into optimizing already strong builds, rather than discovering new or underperforming ones.

πŸ’‘Community Build Project

A Community Build Project is an initiative where multiple players or content creators collaborate to test and develop character builds for a game. The script describes such a project aimed at identifying potentially strong or weak builds for the upcoming league in 'Path of Exile'.


Discord is a communication platform often used by gaming communities for discussions, coordination, and sharing of information. The script mentions organizing the Community Build Project through a Discord server, providing a link for interested participants to join.

πŸ’‘Glacial Cascade

Glacial Cascade is a skill in 'Path of Exile' that creates a wave of ice that damages enemies. The script uses it as an example of a build that was tested and found to be less effective than initially expected, illustrating the purpose of the Community Build Project.

πŸ’‘Patch Notes

Patch Notes are the official documentation released by game developers detailing changes, additions, and fixes in a new update or patch. The script humorously mentions the anticipation and potential disappointment when a favored build is affected by changes in the patch notes.


Day three of teaser season for patch 3.25 and the Settlers of Kalguur expansion in Path of Exile.

A short snippet shared by the music director of Grinding Gear Games on the soundtrack production for Settlers of Kalguur.

Quality of life improvements in patch 3.25 include changes to Waypoints for easier access during gameplay.

Players no longer need to click on Waypoints; proximity is sufficient for activation.

A community build project is being launched to test and evaluate potential League starters for patch 3.25.

The project aims to identify builds that scale well beyond the early game and into more challenging content.

A common issue in build planning is the focus on optimizing already strong builds, neglecting less explored options.

The project will involve testing builds up to the third Void Stone, or the Maven, for a more comprehensive evaluation.

A historical example of an underappreciated build was the hex blast Mindblast setup, which gained popularity due to Korean language content.

The project seeks to uncover hidden gems and eliminate builds that are not viable for endgame content.

A call for community involvement to level up builds and share findings in the form of write-ups and video footage.

The goal is to provide evidence-based information to help players choose builds for the new league.

The project will be organized through a Discord server, with a visual link provided in the video.

The Discord server will be used to collect and share build data, fostering a collaborative environment.

The project aims to provide insights into build performance at different levels, not just the fastest completion times.

A reminder that the information should be transcribed manually due to concerns about spam and internet security.