Path of Exiles Worst League Ever...

Tripolar Bear
5 Jun 202429:22

TLDRThe video script is a critical review of Path of Exiles' most disappointing league to date, highlighting the frustration with tedious mechanics like Tier 17 maps and the overcomplicated Scarab system. The creator expresses dissatisfaction with the league's balance, mid-league nerfs, and the overall tedium added to gameplay. They call for swift action on game-breaking exploits and a more engaging, less annoying player experience in future leagues.


  • πŸ˜” The video is a critique of what the speaker considers the worst Path of Exiles league ever, highlighting numerous issues and expressing a desire for changes in the next league.
  • 😀 The speaker is particularly frustrated with Tier 17 Maps (T7 Maps), describing them as tedious and poorly executed, with mods that are hard to see and manage in gameplay.
  • 😑 There is a strong sentiment against the requirement to use three relics to roll maps, which the speaker feels is a tedious and annoying mechanic that adds unnecessary complexity.
  • πŸ˜’ The speaker misses the previous mechanic of sextants, which allowed for more relaxed gameplay, and is critical of the new mechanics that require more active clicking and interaction.
  • 🐜 Scarabs are criticized for being a letdown, with many being nearly worthless and requiring excessive effort to obtain useful items, leading to player disappointment.
  • πŸ”₯ The speaker is unhappy with mid-league buffs and nerfs, feeling that they are often too late or poorly implemented, causing frustration and confusion among players.
  • 😠 The speaker expresses a desire for more meaningful choices in the Atlas tree, rather than feeling forced into taking certain nodes for the league mechanic, which they find unengaging.
  • 😞 The introduction of new mechanics like All Flames and Corpses are seen as more annoying than beneficial, with storage issues and a lack of enjoyable gameplay associated with them.
  • πŸ‘Ž The speaker rates the current league mechanic as the worst in a long time, criticizing it for being too powerful and intrusive during the campaign, leading to a poor player experience.
  • πŸ’° The speaker notes that while unique farming and divination farming are acceptable uses for Magic finding, other aspects of the game that are good on Magic finding feel underwhelming.
  • πŸ“‰ The speaker concludes with a general sentiment of disappointment and exhaustion with the league, wishing for a return to simpler, less frustrating mechanics in future updates.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video script?

    -The main topic of the video script is a critique of a particular league in the game Path of Exile, which the speaker considers to be the worst league ever.

  • What issues does the speaker highlight regarding Tier 17 Maps (t7 Maps)?

    -The speaker criticizes Tier 17 Maps for having mods that are tedious and difficult to navigate, especially when they are not rolled over, and for requiring the use of three rexes to roll maps, which they find annoying and a chore.

  • How does the speaker feel about the introduction of scarabs in this league?

    -The speaker has mixed feelings about scarabs. They appreciate the change from sextin but find the current implementation to be tedious and requiring too much iteration.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on the mid-league buffs?

    -The speaker likes the idea of mid-league buffs as they introduce new content and keep the game interesting, but they also express concerns about the need for these buffs and the potential for them to be over-tuned.

  • What does the speaker dislike about the league mechanic involving corpses?

    -The speaker dislikes the league mechanic involving corpses due to its complexity, the need for extensive planning and management, and the tedium of placing corpses one by one in specific spots.

  • How does the speaker feel about the Atlas tree changes in this league?

    -The speaker is not fond of the Atlas tree changes, as they feel forced to take league mechanic nodes and Scarab nodes, which they find uninteresting and lacking in meaningful choice.

  • What is the speaker's stance on Magic Finding (MF) in Path of Exile?

    -The speaker believes that Magic Finding should primarily be used for Unique farming or divination farming and feels that it should not be overly effective in other areas.

  • What is the speaker's view on the mid-league Nerfs?

    -The speaker is critical of mid-league Nerfs, especially when they feel that certain overpowered mechanics should have been addressed more swiftly, and they express frustration with the impact of these Nerfs on player strategies.

  • What does the speaker find particularly annoying about the league mechanic?

    -The speaker finds the requirement to use three rexes to roll maps, the tedium of dealing with certain mods, and the complexity of managing corpses particularly annoying.

  • What is the speaker's suggestion for improving the league mechanic?

    -The speaker suggests making the league mechanic less tedious, more engaging, and less reliant on forced choices that do not add to the enjoyment of the game.



πŸ˜” Disappointments of the Current League

The speaker expresses deep dissatisfaction with the current Path of Exile league, citing it as potentially the worst they've experienced. They discuss the tediousness of the mods in T17 maps, the high cost and effort required for map mods, and the removal of Sextant, which added tedium to the gameplay. The speaker also criticizes the execution of the league mechanics, particularly the use of three Rexes for map mods, and the overall feeling of the league being a 'skip' due to its lack of enjoyable content.


😠 Critique of Scarab Mechanics and Mid-League Adjustments

The speaker continues with their critique, focusing on the scarab mechanics introduced in the league. They find the initial implementation of scarabs to be rough and the waiting times for them excessive. They also touch on the topic of mid-league buffs and nerfs, expressing frustration with the timing and execution of these changes, especially when they affect the economy and player sentiment. The speaker wishes for more immediate action on obviously broken mechanics and a more considerate approach to balancing the game.


😑 Frustration with Crafting and League Mechanics

The speaker's frustration intensifies as they discuss the crafting aspect of the league, particularly the use of corpses. They find the process of obtaining, storing, and using corpses to be overly complicated and tedious. They also express annoyance with the league mechanic being tied to the Atlas tree, feeling that it forces players into taking certain nodes and detracts from the enjoyment of the game. The speaker calls for improvements and more meaningful choices in future league mechanics.


🀯 Annoyance with Overpowered and Tedious Mods

The speaker describes their experience with overpowered and tedious mods during the acts, such as all damage freezes and stuns, which they find to be frustrating and out of place for new players. They also discuss the storage limitations of all Flames and the overall lack of enjoyment they derived from the league mechanic, which they felt was a poor replacement for Sextants and added unnecessary complexity to the mapping process.


😀 Dislike for Forced Engagement with League Mechanics

The speaker elaborates on their dislike for the forced engagement with league mechanics, particularly the all Flame and Scarab nodes on the Atlas tree. They feel that these mechanics were overemphasized to the point of detracting from the overall enjoyment of the game. The speaker also criticizes the lack of meaningful choices and the feeling of being compelled to take certain nodes for better rewards, which they find uninspired and unengaging.


😠 Back to Basics: A New Scarab Farming Method

The speaker discusses the 'Back to Basics' method of farming, which they find to be a poor addition to the game. They argue that the method is not only tedious but also forces players to deal with difficult map mods, making the gameplay experience less enjoyable. The speaker expresses their desire for the developers to reconsider such mechanics in future leagues to avoid creating similarly frustrating scenarios.



πŸ’‘Path of Exiles

Path of Exiles is an online action role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games. The game is known for its deep character customization, intricate skill tree, and a strong emphasis on loot. In the context of the video, the speaker is discussing their dissatisfaction with a particular league in the game, which is a temporary event that introduces new mechanics and challenges.


In Path of Exiles, a league refers to a separate instance of the game world with its own economy and progression. Leagues often introduce new mechanics and can significantly impact the gameplay experience. The script discusses the speaker's negative experience with a specific league, which they consider the 'worst' they've encountered.

πŸ’‘t7 Maps

t7 Maps, or Tier 7 Maps, are a type of end-game content in Path of Exiles that offer higher rewards and challenges compared to lower-tier maps. The speaker criticizes the implementation of Tier 7 Maps in the league they are discussing, finding them tedious and poorly executed.


Mods, short for modifications, refer to the various effects and changes that can be applied to items, skills, or the game environment in Path of Exiles. The script mentions that certain mods in the league were bothersome and felt like unnecessary tedium, detracting from the overall enjoyment of the game.


Scarabs are a new type of currency introduced in the league being discussed. They are used for various purposes, including crafting and trading. The speaker expresses frustration with the adjustment periods and the perceived imbalance in their implementation, finding them initially underwhelming and later potentially overpowered.

πŸ’‘All Flames

All Flames are a mechanic in the league that players can interact with to gain various benefits. The speaker criticizes the All Flames for being a replacement for Seants, which they found annoying and not well-integrated into the game's progression system.


Corpses are a type of currency in Path of Exiles used for crafting specific items. In the context of the league, the speaker finds the use of corpses tedious and annoying, particularly due to the storage and management requirements, which they feel detract from the gameplay experience.

πŸ’‘Mid League Buffs

Mid League Buffs refer to the changes and adjustments made by the game developers halfway through a league to balance gameplay or address issues. The speaker appreciates these buffs but wishes they weren't necessary, indicating a desire for better initial balance.


Nerfs are changes made to reduce the effectiveness or power of certain game elements. The script discusses the speaker's frustration with mid-league nerfs, particularly when they feel the changes are too slow to be implemented or are applied to mechanics that have already been well-established by the player base.

πŸ’‘Magic finding

Magic finding is a game mechanic that increases the chance of finding magic, rare, or unique items. The speaker's stance on magic finding is that it should primarily be used for unique farming or divination card farming, and they express dissatisfaction with its overuse or imbalance in the league.

πŸ’‘Atlas tree

The Atlas tree refers to the end-game map layout in Path of Exiles, where players can choose which maps to complete and in what order. The speaker criticizes the integration of the league mechanic into the Atlas tree, feeling it forced and uninteresting, and detracts from the strategic choices available to players.


The video serves as a memorial to what the speaker considers the worst Path of Exiles league ever.

The speaker expresses frustration with the league's duration and the need to find alternative games to play during the off-season.

T7 Maps are criticized for their tedious gameplay and poor execution of the league mechanic.

The speaker finds the mods in T7 Maps to be overwhelming and difficult to manage, especially with particle-heavy builds.

The addition of valuable drops to specific mods is seen as a compelling but problematic change to the game's economy.

The speaker laments the requirement to use three relics to roll maps, calling it a 'joke'.

The removal of sextin and the introduction of T17 maps are criticized for adding tedium to the game.

Scarabs are discussed as a new addition that needs refinement, with many being considered 'garbage' in their current state.

The speaker expresses disappointment with the hype generated by new scarabs, only for them to have long waiting times and low drop rates.

Mid-league buffs are appreciated but criticized for being a 'trauma response' to underwhelming league mechanics.

The speaker wishes for more meaningful choices in the atlas tree regarding league mechanics, rather than feeling forced into certain nodes.

Back to Basics is criticized as a new scarab farm that exacerbates the existing difficulty of T7 maps.

The speaker calls for quicker action on mid-league nerfs, especially for obviously broken mechanics.

Random packs doing high damage and being antagonistic to builds are highlighted as a negative aspect of the league start.

The speaker expresses a desire for the league mechanics to be more fleshed out and less tedious in future iterations.

Magic finding is discussed as being best suited for unique farming or divination farming, with other uses feeling unsatisfactory.

The speaker concludes with a general sentiment of disappointment and exhaustion from the league, hoping for improvements in future leagues.