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16 Feb 202116:26

TLDRDon the Crown presents a guide to a powerful 'Path of Exile 3.14' build, boasting over 170 million DPS. This budget-friendly champion build leverages three steel skills for map clearing and bossing, utilizing the Savior and Paradoxica for damage. Key aspects include maintaining steel shards, maximizing life for defense, and optimizing gear with specific mods. The guide also covers skill links, tree setup, and leveling strategy, ensuring players can transition from budget to high DPS efficiently.


  • 😎 The guide is for a high-damage Path of Exile build that starts on a budget and scales to over 170 million DPS.
  • πŸ›‘οΈ The build relies on three steel skills for map clear and bossing, with Shattering Steel being used for leveling and farming due to its punch despite lower clear speed.
  • πŸ—‘οΈ Call of Steel is a crucial skill that acts as a reload and damage mechanic, tearing out impales for explosion damage and granting steel shards.
  • πŸ’₯ The Savior unique item is central to the build, creating clones that use steel skills, emphasizing the importance of maintaining steel shards.
  • πŸ›‘οΈ Life on gear is vital as the build lacks defensive layers; Fortify effect and high resistances are also recommended.
  • πŸ—‘οΈ Paradoxica is the weapon of choice, providing consistent double damage and being superior to other rare weapons.
  • πŸŽ–οΈ The Elder's and Crusader's effect on the helmet is beneficial for increased Fortify and nearby enemies taking more physical damage.
  • 🧀 Sinestro gloves are used for increased offhand damage, synergizing with the build's reliance on the offhand weapon, Paradoxica.
  • πŸ‘’ Hunter's Tailwind boots combined with Shaper's avoid ailments provide necessary movement speed and resistances.
  • πŸ’ Amulets and rings should prioritize life and good mods, with Lapis Lazuli being recommended for the intelligence needed for certain skills.
  • πŸ’Ž The build suggests using a Diamond flask, Dying Sun, and Bottled Faith for their significant damage boosts and other flask effects.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of Don the Crown's build guide in the Path of Exile 3.14?

    -The main focus is on a high DPS build that utilizes the three steel skills for great map clear and insane boss single-target damage, starting from a shoestring budget to a staggering 170 million plus DPS.

  • How does the build start and progress in terms of investment?

    -The build starts on a shoestring budget, clearing tier 16 maps with the Delirium orb on the first day of the league, and progresses by investing serious currency to enhance the build to over 170 million DPS.

  • What are the three steel skills mentioned in the build, and what are their respective uses?

    -The three steel skills are Splitting Steel for map clear, Lancing Steel for annihilating single targets, and Shattering Steel as a middle ground that works well for leveling and farming the end game.

  • How does the Call of Steel skill function in this build?

    -Call of Steel tears out every impale from an enemy, causing an explosion of damage and granting 4 steel shards, plus an additional shard for each impale removed. Steel shards act as ammo for steel skills and are consumed to empower each attack.

  • What role does the Savior play in this build?

    -The Savior creates clones of the player that attack using the skill that was used to spawn them. Each clone uses steel skills as if they have the same amount of steel shards that the player has at that moment, emphasizing the importance of keeping shards up.

  • Why is getting life on gear important for this build?

    -Getting life on gear is crucial because the build lacks multiple defensive layers. Skipping life can leave the character vulnerable, making it a bad idea.

  • What are the recommended enchants for gloves and body armor in this build?

    -For gloves, the enchant should include Hunter's percentage chance to impale, awakened with Warlord's projectile damage and finished with harvest crafting for life, res, attack speed, and avoid elemental ailments. For body armor, the enchant should be plus one projectile with Lancing Steel or Blood Rage attack speed.

  • What is the significance of using Sinestro gloves in this build?

    -Sinestro gloves reduce damage with the main hand weapon but increase damage with the offhand. Since the Savior is a stat stick and all damage comes through the Paradoxica, Sinestro gloves provide more damage than Grip gloves.

  • What are the recommended flasks for this build?

    -The recommended flasks include a Diamond flask, Dying Sun, Bottled Faith, a Seething Divine Life flask of Staunching, and a Surgeon's Stalwart flask of Warding.

  • How does the build handle leveling and what skills are used during this process?

    -The build levels up using two-handed swords and Splitting Steel until level 12, then switches to Shattering Steel. At level 14, Shiver Sting is equipped, which carries the player to level 51 when the Terminus Est can be equipped for blasting tier 16 maps.

  • What is the recommended key setup for using Call of Steel in this build?

    -It is recommended to place Call of Steel on a key that can be pressed with low energy and without causing hand strain, such as the 'W' key, to avoid fatigue from frequent use.



😎 Don the Crown's High DPS Steel Build Guide

Don the Crown introduces his build guide for a high damage per second (DPS) character using the Steel skills in Path of Exile. Starting from a tight budget, he upgraded to achieve over 170 million DPS. The build features three Steel skills: Splitting Steel for map clear, Lancing Steel for bossing, and Shattering Steel as a balanced option. The build revolves around the Call of Steel mechanic, which serves as a reload and damage booster. The Savior unique item is central to the build, creating clones that use Steel skills. Don emphasizes the importance of life on gear for defense and recommends specific gear like Paradoxica, Elder's Crest, Sinestro gloves, and a combination of flasks and jewels to enhance the build.


πŸ›‘οΈ Gear and Defensive Strategy for the Steel Build

This section delves into the specifics of the gear used in the build, focusing on life as a primary defensive stat due to the lack of defensive layers. It discusses the use of the Paradoxica sword for its consistent double damage and the importance of the Savior and other unique items. The guide covers the selection of helmets, body armor, gloves, boots, amulets, rings, and belts, including crafting options and the benefits of certain mods. Flask choices and the use of a watcher's eye for impale stacking are also highlighted, along with the importance of intelligence for the Hydrosphere keystone and the selection of bandits and pantheon choices for additional benefits.


πŸš€ Leveling Strategy and Frequently Asked Questions

The leveling process is outlined, starting with two-handed swords and progressing to the use of Shattering Steel, Siver Sting, and eventually the Terminus Est sword. The guide suggests using minus cost jewelry and other items to enhance leveling efficiency. It addresses frequently asked questions about the use of Steel skills for different purposes, the viability of the build on different ascendancies, and the budget requirements. It also discusses the use of Hydrosphere in combination with chain hook for rage generation and the choice of bandits and pantheon for leveling and bossing.


βš”οΈ Advanced Tips and Final Recommendations

In the final paragraph, advanced tips are provided for optimizing the build, including the use of the Lord of Steel jewel for bossing and the arrangement of the key setup for ease of play. The guide wraps up with an invitation for questions and further discussion on the Twitch stream, emphasizing the community aspect of the build.



πŸ’‘Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games. It is known for its deep character customization, skill gem system, and complex endgame content. In the video, the player discusses a build within Path of Exile, showcasing how to progress from a budget character to a high-damage endgame bosser.

πŸ’‘Delirium Orb

The Delirium Orb is an in-game currency item in Path of Exile used to add random modifiers to maps, increasing their difficulty and rewards. The script mentions using the Delirium Orb on the first day of the league, indicating the player's early access to high-level content.

πŸ’‘DPS (Damage Per Second)

DPS refers to the amount of damage a character can deal per second, a key performance metric in gaming. The script boasts about achieving '170 million plus DPS,' emphasizing the build's high damage output in the endgame.

πŸ’‘Steel Skills

In the context of the video, Steel Skills are a set of abilities that the player's build utilizes. Each skill has its own purpose: Splitting Steel for map clear, Lancing Steel for single-target damage, and Shattering Steel as a middle ground. These skills are central to the build's strategy.

πŸ’‘Call of Steel

Call of Steel is a mechanic in the build that triggers an explosion of damage by tearing out impales from enemies and granting steel shards. It is crucial for the build's damage potential and is used to empower steel skills.


The Savior is a unique item in Path of Exile that creates clones of the player that attack using the skill used to spawn them. In the video, it is mentioned as an essential part of the build, as it synergizes with Steel Skills to increase overall damage.


Paradoxica is a unique sword in Path of Exile that always deals double damage. It is highlighted in the script as a superior weapon choice for the build, with the best rolls being high percentage physical damage and attack speed or crit quality.


Fortify is a mechanic in Path of Exile that grants temporary damage reduction when the player remains still. The script emphasizes the importance of having a high life pool and Fortify effect for the build's survivability.


Impale is a debuff in Path of Exile that increases the physical damage enemies take. The script discusses the importance of having a high chance to impale and the role it plays in increasing damage output through Call of Steel and Steel Skills.


Berserk is a skill in Path of Exile that grants a significant damage boost for a short duration at the cost of life. The script mentions using Berserk strategically against bosses for burst damage, showcasing its role in the build's bossing strategy.


Hydrosphere is a unique jewel in Path of Exile that grants various bonuses based on the player's intelligence. It is mentioned in the script as a recommended jewel for the build, especially for meeting the intelligence requirement for certain skills.

πŸ’‘Watchers Eye

The Watcher's Eye is a unique jewel in Path of Exile that provides significant damage and utility bonuses. The script suggests using a Watcher's Eye with increased impale effect, which synergizes well with the build's focus on impale and Call of Steel.

πŸ’‘Terminus Est

Terminus Est is a unique sword in Path of Exile known for its high base damage. The script recommends it as an alternative weapon for the build, especially when starting with a budget, as it can carry the player through significant endgame content.


This build guide showcases a powerful build capable of achieving 170 million DPS.

The build uses three steel skills: Splitting Steel, Lancing Steel, and Shattering Steel.

Shattering Steel is used for leveling and early farming due to its strong punch.

Splitting Steel provides excellent map clearing once enough damage is achieved.

Lancing Steel is the best for single target boss fights.

The build utilizes the Call of Steel skill to reload and deal additional damage.

Key weapons for the build are The Saviour and Paradoxica, with Paradoxica providing double damage.

Important gear includes an Elder Crusader helmet for fortify effect and physical damage increase.

Astral Plate body armor is recommended for its high resistance and mana reservation options.

Sinestro gloves, with their unique damage mechanics, are a key component of the build.

Tailwind boots combined with Shaper's avoid ailments are important for speed and resilience.

For accessories, focus on high life, resistances, and mana cost reduction.

Raslothis Coil belt provides significant damage boosts and is highly recommended.

Key flasks include Diamond Flask, Dying Sun, and Bottled Faith for substantial damage increases.

The build benefits greatly from a Watcher's Eye jewel with +2 impales.

Endgame bossing setup includes using Threat of Hope jewel and maximizing impales.

The leveling process involves transitioning from two-handed swords to dual wielding.

Hydrosphere is used in weapon swaps for rage generation before boss fights.

The build can be started on a shoestring budget and scaled up with significant investment.

Adjustments to the talent tree are required when switching from two-handed to dual wield.

Champion ascendancy is recommended for its fortify mechanics and overall strength.

Hydrosphere and Chain Hook are used to generate rage and frenzy charges before boss fights.

Steel skin on left click provides additional mitigation.

Enduring Cry is useful for endurance charges and healing in tough spots.

The build is flexible and can be adapted to different gear setups and budgets.

Berserk is used for big boss fights, triggered by rage from Chain Hook hitting Hydrosphere.

The guide emphasizes the importance of comfortable key bindings for Call of Steel.

The build can utilize a Headhunter for enhanced performance, particularly with Splitting Steel.