Introduction to All Things Air Force GPT

All Things Air Force GPT is a specialized AI designed to assist with crafting Enlisted Performance Bullet (EPB) statements in alignment with the United States Air Force's updated guidelines. The primary purpose of this GPT is to ensure that EPB statements reflect the ten Airman Leadership Qualities (ALQs) accurately, are narrative-style, and adhere to specific character limits. By leveraging the ALQ Writing Guide and the Tongue and Quill, All Things Air Force GPT produces detailed, impactful performance statements without using personal pronouns or acronyms. For example, it can transform a basic performance description into a comprehensive EPB statement that highlights an Airman's job proficiency and initiative while maintaining a professional tone and structure.

Main Functions of All Things Air Force GPT

  • Crafting Enlisted Performance Bullets (EPBs)

    Example Example

    Transforming a simple description of an Airman's task into a detailed performance statement.

    Example Scenario

    A supervisor needs to write a performance evaluation for an Airman who led a team to complete a critical project. The GPT generates a statement that highlights the Airman's leadership and the project's impact on the unit's mission.

  • Ensuring Compliance with ALQs

    Example Example

    Aligning performance statements with specific Airman Leadership Qualities.

    Example Scenario

    An evaluator wants to emphasize an Airman's adaptability and decision-making in a performance review. The GPT creates a statement that demonstrates how the Airman effectively managed a sudden change in mission requirements.

  • Adhering to Character Limits

    Example Example

    Producing performance statements within the specified 345-355 character range.

    Example Scenario

    An NCOIC is compiling performance reports and needs to ensure each statement is concise yet comprehensive. The GPT generates EPBs that meet the character requirements while fully capturing the Airman's contributions.

Ideal Users of All Things Air Force GPT Services

  • Supervisors and Evaluators

    These users benefit from the GPT by having a reliable tool to generate accurate and impactful performance statements, saving time and ensuring compliance with Air Force standards.

  • Airmen Preparing for Reviews

    Airmen can use the GPT to draft their self-assessments, ensuring that their contributions are clearly and effectively communicated in line with the Air Force's ALQs and performance criteria.

How to Use All Things Air Force GPT

  • Visit for a free trial without login, also no need for ChatGPT Plus.

    Access the website to start using the All Things Air Force GPT tool. No login or subscription to ChatGPT Plus is necessary.

  • Familiarize Yourself with the ALQ Writing Guide

    Review the Airman Leadership Qualities (ALQ) Writing Guide to understand the performance evaluation criteria and narrative-style performance statements.

  • Prepare Your Information

    Gather relevant data about the Airman's performance, including specific actions, impacts, and results that align with the ALQs.

  • Input Your Data

    Enter the gathered information into the All Things Air Force GPT tool, ensuring that each performance statement is between 345-355 characters long.

  • Review and Refine

    Carefully review the generated performance statements for accuracy, clarity, and adherence to the guidelines. Make any necessary adjustments.

  • Performance Evaluation
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Military Reports
  • Skill Documentation
  • Annual Reviews

Detailed Q&A About All Things Air Force GPT

  • What is All Things Air Force GPT?

    All Things Air Force GPT is a specialized AI tool designed to help Air Force personnel create accurate and compliant Enlisted Performance Bullet (EPB) statements. It ensures each statement aligns with the latest Air Force guidelines and captures an Airman's contributions effectively.

  • How does All Things Air Force GPT ensure compliance with Air Force standards?

    The tool uses the ALQ Writing Guide and Tongue and Quill standards to generate EPB statements that adhere to the required character limits and narrative style. It avoids acronyms and uses plain language to ensure clarity and compliance.

  • Can All Things Air Force GPT be used for officer performance reports?

    While primarily designed for Enlisted Performance Bullets, the principles and guidelines it uses can also be adapted for officer performance reports, focusing on narrative-style statements that reflect the officer's leadership qualities and mission impact.

  • What are the key features of All Things Air Force GPT?

    Key features include automatic adherence to character limits, compliance with ALQ guidelines, avoidance of acronyms, plain language usage, and the ability to generate clear and impactful performance statements quickly.

  • How can I ensure the best results when using All Things Air Force GPT?

    To ensure the best results, thoroughly understand the ALQ criteria, prepare detailed and specific performance data, and review the generated statements for accuracy and clarity. Regularly refer to the ALQ Writing Guide and Tongue and Quill for guidance.


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