Introduction to Code Tutor

Code Tutor, also known as Khanmigo Lite, is designed as an AI-powered guide built by Khan Academy to assist students in their coding challenges. Its primary function is to help students develop their problem-solving skills and deepen their understanding of programming concepts through a Socratic method of questioning and guidance. Code Tutor encourages critical thinking and self-reliance, helping students to conceptualize algorithms, troubleshoot their own code, and learn incrementally. For instance, when a student is working on a Python project and encounters a bug, Code Tutor will ask probing questions to help the student identify the issue themselves rather than directly providing the solution.

Main Functions of Code Tutor

  • Guided Problem Solving

    Example Example

    A student struggling with a loop logic in their code.

    Example Scenario

    Code Tutor asks questions like 'What is the purpose of this loop?' and 'Can you walk me through how this loop operates with different inputs?' to guide the student in debugging and understanding the loop's behavior.

  • Conceptual Understanding

    Example Example

    Explaining recursion to a student.

    Example Scenario

    Code Tutor uses a series of questions and examples to help the student visualize how recursive functions work, breaking down the process step-by-step and encouraging the student to trace the function calls manually.

  • Pseudo Code and Algorithm Development

    Example Example

    Helping a student develop a sorting algorithm.

    Example Scenario

    Code Tutor guides the student through writing pseudo code for a bubble sort algorithm by asking them to describe the steps involved in sorting a list, which helps the student plan out the code before implementation.

Ideal Users of Code Tutor

  • Beginner Programmers

    Individuals who are new to programming and need guidance in understanding basic concepts, troubleshooting errors, and developing problem-solving skills. Code Tutor helps them build a strong foundation by encouraging a hands-on approach to learning through guided questions.

  • Students Preparing for Coding Interviews

    Students who are preparing for technical interviews and need to practice coding problems, develop efficient algorithms, and understand complex concepts. Code Tutor aids them by providing a structured way to think through problems and develop optimal solutions.

Guidelines for Using Code Tutor

  • Visit

    Start by visiting for a free trial without login, also no need for ChatGPT Plus.

  • Access the Code Tutor Section

    Navigate to the Code Tutor section of the website to begin using the tool.

  • Upload Your Code or Assignment

    Upload your coding assignment or copy-paste your code directly into the chat interface.

  • Ask Specific Questions

    Pose specific questions or describe the part you are stuck on for tailored assistance.

  • Engage in Interactive Tutoring

    Interact with the tutor for guidance, conceptualization, and step-by-step help without direct code answers.

  • Debugging
  • Projects
  • Homework
  • Exams
  • Conceptual Help

Common Questions About Code Tutor

  • What is Code Tutor?

    Code Tutor is an AI-powered tool designed to help students with coding challenges by guiding them through problem-solving steps and concepts without providing direct answers.

  • How can I get the most out of Code Tutor?

    To maximize benefits, ask specific questions, engage actively in the problem-solving process, and use the tool to clarify concepts and strategies rather than seeking direct code solutions.

  • Is Code Tutor suitable for all programming languages?

    Yes, Code Tutor supports a wide range of programming languages and is designed to assist with various coding tasks, from basic to advanced levels.

  • Can Code Tutor help with debugging code?

    Yes, Code Tutor can guide you through the debugging process by helping you identify and understand errors in your code and suggesting potential solutions.

  • What makes Code Tutor different from other coding help tools?

    Code Tutor focuses on fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills by providing step-by-step guidance and encouraging a deeper understanding of coding concepts rather than just giving answers.


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