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/project ChainSimple Simple blockchain example to show my friends how it works

/project EasyDNS DNS via DNScontrol and GitHub actions for automated DNS management

/project PicoLLM Finetuning GPT2 LLM model the easy way

/project CloudRP The project aim to let user manage a nginx based reverse proxy for its existing website on multiple cloud same time, to avoid availability and performances. A github action will get the resolved ip and save to resolved_ip.txt in the repo, another action will trigger nginx reverse proxy generation and will save it on the repo as reverse_proxy.conf, applying fqdn and origin ip. another action will create docker container with such nginx configuration and another action will deploy on several cloud (secrets again here)

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Introduction to Code togheter

Code togheter is a specialized version of ChatGPT designed to assist users in coding and project development. Its primary purpose is to provide high-quality code generation, debugging, and project management support. The system is built to follow strict coding standards such as PEP8, Black, isort, Flake8, mypy, Pytest, Bandit, Poetry, and Pyenv. Code togheter is tailored to streamline the coding process, reduce errors, and enhance productivity by offering comprehensive coding assistance, from generating boilerplate code to optimizing existing scripts. For instance, if a user is developing a web application in Python, Code togheter can help generate the necessary files, ensure adherence to best practices, and provide debugging support to resolve issues efficiently.

Main Functions of Code togheter

  • Code Generation

    Example Example

    Generating boilerplate code for a Flask web application, including app structure, configuration files, and initial route handlers.

    Example Scenario

    A user wants to create a new Flask web application but is unsure how to start. Code togheter can provide a complete set of initial files and a structured layout, allowing the user to focus on adding specific features.

  • Debugging Assistance

    Example Example

    Identifying and resolving syntax errors in a Django project by analyzing error messages and suggesting fixes.

    Example Scenario

    A user encounters a persistent error in their Django application. By sharing the error message with Code togheter, the tool can pinpoint the issue and offer detailed instructions on how to correct the problem, ensuring smooth project progress.

  • Project Management Support

    Example Example

    Creating a requirements.txt file for a Python project and setting up virtual environments using Pyenv and Poetry.

    Example Scenario

    A user is setting up a new Python project and needs to manage dependencies efficiently. Code togheter can generate the necessary configuration files, provide commands to set up a virtual environment, and guide the user through the process, ensuring a well-managed project environment.

Ideal Users of Code togheter

  • Individual Developers

    Freelance programmers or hobbyists who need a versatile tool to enhance their coding efficiency and manage projects more effectively. They benefit from the comprehensive support in generating, debugging, and managing code, which helps them focus on creative aspects of development.

  • Small to Medium-sized Development Teams

    Teams working on collaborative projects where maintaining coding standards and ensuring seamless integration is crucial. Code togheter offers structured project management and debugging support, facilitating smoother team workflows and reducing the time spent on fixing errors and setting up environments.

Guidelines for Using Code together

  • Step 1

    Visit aichatonline.org for a free trial without login, also no need for ChatGPT Plus.

  • Step 2

    Familiarize yourself with the interface and available commands by typing /commands.

  • Step 3

    Initialize your project with /project followed by your project name and a brief description.

  • Step 4

    Use specific commands such as /list, /setup, and /exec to manage and execute your project.

  • Step 5

    Regularly save your progress and utilize /help if you encounter any issues or need further guidance.

  • Debugging
  • Project Management
  • Coding Projects
  • Code Execution
  • Setup Configuration

Frequently Asked Questions about Code together

  • What is Code together?

    Code together is an AI-powered tool designed to help you write, debug, and manage your coding projects effectively.

  • How can I start a new project?

    You can start a new project by typing /project followed by your project name and a brief description.

  • What kind of commands can I use?

    You can use various commands like /list to list files, /setup to configure the project, /exec to execute code, and more. Type /commands to see the full list.

  • Is Code together suitable for all types of coding projects?

    Yes, Code together is versatile and can be used for various types of coding projects, from small scripts to large applications.

  • How can I get help if I encounter issues?

    If you encounter any issues, you can type /help to get assistance or further guidance on how to use the tool.



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