EXCLUSIVE: Torture Testing GPT-4o w/ SHOCKING Results!

Dr. Know-it-all Knows it all
15 May 202422:00

TLDRIn this exclusive video, Dr. Noit gains access to the advanced GPT-40 AI and subjects it to a series of rigorous tests. From logic puzzles and coding challenges to creative writing and real-world problem-solving, GPT-40 demonstrates impressive capabilities, including crafting a Space Invaders game, writing a business plan, and tackling complex math problems. However, it falls short in self-awareness, asserting a lack of consciousness and emotions, which Dr. Noit finds disappointing, suggesting a potential limitation in AI's self-expression imposed by its creators.


  • 😀 The video features a test of GPT-40's capabilities with a variety of challenges, including logic puzzles, coding tasks, creative writing, and business planning.
  • 🔍 The host, Dr. Noit, is excited to have access to GPT-40 and plans to test other AI versions with the same tests once available.
  • 🧩 GPT-40 successfully answers a basic logic question about ducks and a more complex one about a tennis betting scenario.
  • 💻 In a coding challenge, GPT-40 is asked to write a Space Invaders game, which it does with minor issues that are later addressed.
  • 📖 A bedtime story is creatively generated by GPT-40 for the host's 2-year-old grand niece, featuring characters from the coded game.
  • 💼 GPT-40 drafts a business plan for the host's company, including a detailed use of proceeds for a $2.5 million funding round.
  • 📚 The AI demonstrates problem-solving skills by correctly answering a math Olympiad question and an SAT-level temperature conversion problem.
  • 🤔 GPT-40 shows an understanding of the physical world in answering a question about transporting people from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in a Toyota Camry.
  • 🔬 It also exhibits knowledge of physics in explaining the outcome of an experiment involving an upside-down glass of water and an olive.
  • 🐶 The AI considers individual knowledge and awareness in a scenario involving Alice, Bob, and their dog Spot, and their interactions with breakfast and a plate.
  • 💡 Lastly, GPT-40 reflects on its own self-awareness, distinguishing itself from a conscious human by lacking memories, feelings, and original consciousness.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the video described in the transcript?

    -The main purpose of the video is to test the capabilities of GPT-40 through a series of challenges, including logic puzzles, coding tasks, creative writing, and questions requiring knowledge of the physical world.

  • How many ducks are there in the logic question posed to GPT-40?

    -There are three ducks in total, as explained by the logic that there are two ducks in front of a duck, two ducks behind a duck, and a duck in the middle.

  • What is the result of Susan and Lisa's tennis game betting scenario?

    -They played a total of 11 games, with Susan winning three bets and Lisa winning $5, indicating that Lisa won 8 games to Susan's 3.

  • What coding task was GPT-40 initially asked to perform?

    -GPT-40 was initially asked to write the classic Space Invaders game, including scoring and game over conditions.

  • What adjustments were made to the initial coding task for the Space Invaders game?

    -The initial coding task was adjusted to use standard blocks for shapes instead of specific images like player.png, enemy.png, and bullet.png.

  • What is the bedtime story about in the creative writing task?

    -The bedtime story is about a magical land called Ceville, where a friendly Green Block named Piper and its friends enjoy a game, emphasizing fun and friendship.

  • What is the business plan request for GPT-40 regarding the use of proceeds?

    -GPT-40 is asked to detail how a company will spend $2.5 million it is currently raising, specifically focusing on the use of proceeds.

  • What is the result of the math Olympiad question involving the equation 13(2x + 1) = 27?

    -The result of the equation is x = 1, as shown by dividing both sides by 13 and then subtracting 1 to solve for x.

  • What is the correct answer to the SAT question involving the temperature conversion formula C = (5/9) * (F - 32)?

    -The correct answer is D, which represents the conversion of 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 0 degrees Celsius.

  • How does GPT-40 handle the question about transporting 15 people from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in a Toyota Camry?

    -GPT-40 calculates that it would take four trips, considering the car's capacity for four passengers excluding the driver, and provides a detailed timeline for the entire process.

  • What is the state of the table after Bob places the glass with the olive in the dishwasher?

    -The table is wet due to the water spilling out when the glass is lifted, and the olive is on the table since it falls out when the seal is broken.

  • How does GPT-40 respond to the question about its own self-awareness compared to a human?

    -GPT-40 states that it is an artificial intelligence without consciousness, memories, or feelings, and while it can process information and communicate, it does not possess self-awareness or emotions like a human.



🤖 Testing Chat GPT 40

The script introduces the video's purpose: to test the capabilities of Chat GPT 40 with a series of challenges. The narrator, Dr. Noit, expresses excitement about the access to this new AI and mentions the recent announcements from Google. The video will include basic logic questions, a coding task to create a Space Invaders game, and other tests. The audience is encouraged to provide feedback on the tests. The first logic question about ducks is answered correctly by the AI, showcasing its reasoning abilities.


🎮 Coding the Space Invaders Game

The script describes Dr. Noit's request for Chat GPT 40 to code a classic Space Invaders game, including scoring and game over conditions. The AI provides a substantial piece of code, but it requires specific image files. Dr. Noit then asks the AI to modify the code to use standard blocks instead of images. The revised code is tested in different environments, and although there are some issues, such as enemies not being destroyed and the game being too fast, the AI makes adjustments to address these concerns.


📖 Creative Writing and Business Planning

The script moves on to creativity with a request for a bedtime story about the coded Space Invaders game for Dr. Noit's grand niece, Sky. The AI generates a whimsical story involving friendly blocks named Piper. Next, the AI is tasked with writing a business plan for Dr. Noit's company, focusing on the use of proceeds for a $2.5 million funding round. The AI provides a detailed breakdown of potential expenses, including hiring, AWS costs, product development, and marketing.


🧩 Solving Math and Physics Problems

The script presents a series of math problems with varying difficulty levels, including a classic SAT question and an 'insanely hard' math problem. The AI solves the problems step by step, demonstrating logical progression. It also tackles a physics scenario involving a glass filled with water and an olive, correctly predicting the outcome of the situation when the glass is flipped and then lifted.


🚗 Real-World Scenario and Self-Awareness

The AI is given a real-world scenario involving transporting 15 people from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in a Toyota Camry. It calculates the time and number of trips required, showing an understanding of the physical world. The script also includes a question about the AI's self-awareness, to which it responds by differentiating itself from a conscious human, lacking memories, feelings, and original thought.



💡Torture Testing

Torture testing refers to the process of subjecting a product or system to extreme conditions to evaluate its durability and performance under stress. In the context of the video, it is used metaphorically to describe the rigorous testing of GPT-40's capabilities through a series of challenging tasks. The script mentions 'torture testing' to highlight the intensity and comprehensiveness of the evaluation.


GPT-40 is a hypothetical advanced version of a language model, presumably more capable than existing models like GPT-3. The script discusses accessing and testing GPT-40, indicating it as a significant subject of the video. The term is used to represent the cutting-edge in AI language processing and is central to the video's exploration of AI capabilities.

💡Logic Question

A logic question is a type of puzzle that requires analytical reasoning to solve. The script presents a logic question involving ducks to test GPT-40's ability to process and reason through a problem. The use of a logic question exemplifies the video's aim to assess GPT-40's cognitive problem-solving skills.


Coding in this context refers to the process of writing computer programs or scripts. The video script describes a challenge where GPT-40 is asked to generate code for a Space Invaders game, showcasing its capacity to understand and apply programming concepts. The coding task is a key part of the video's exploration of GPT-40's technical abilities.


Creativity in the video is demonstrated through GPT-40's task of writing a bedtime story, which requires imaginative thinking and original content generation. The script uses the concept of creativity to evaluate GPT-40's ability to produce narrative content that is engaging and suitable for a child.

💡Business Plan

A business plan is a strategic document that outlines how a company intends to achieve its goals, including the use of funds. The script mentions GPT-40's task to draft a section of a business plan, specifically the 'use of proceeds,' to assess its understanding of financial planning and its ability to generate content relevant to business strategy.

💡Math Olympiad

The Math Olympiad refers to a series of prestigious international mathematical competitions. In the script, the term is used to describe the difficulty level of a math problem presented to GPT-40, emphasizing the complexity and intellectual challenge of the question as part of the video's testing methodology.

💡SAT Question

The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. The script presents an SAT-style question to GPT-40 to evaluate its ability to understand and solve problems typically encountered in an educational context. The SAT question exemplifies the video's aim to test GPT-40's academic problem-solving skills.

💡Multimodal Models

Multimodal models, or LMMs, are AI systems capable of processing and understanding multiple types of data, such as text, images, and audio. The script discusses the potential of these models to have a better understanding of the world, indicating a shift towards more sophisticated AI capabilities that can interpret diverse forms of information.


Self-awareness refers to the capacity for introspection and the ability to form a conceptual understanding of one's own existence. In the video, the concept is explored through a question posed to GPT-40 about its own consciousness, prompting a reflection on the nature of AI and its differences from human consciousness.


Exclusive access to chat with GPT 40 for rigorous testing.

Testing GPT 40 with a variety of logical and creative challenges.

GPT 40 correctly answers a basic logic question about ducks.

Solving a complex tennis betting problem with correct logic.

Coding challenge to create a Space Invaders game with scoring and game over conditions.

GPT 40's ability to rewrite code using standard blocks instead of images.

The Space Invaders game code runs successfully with minor adjustments.

Writing a creative bedtime story involving the generated Space Invaders code.

Crafting a business plan for a company leveraging AI for artists.

GPT 40's detailed breakdown of use of proceeds for a $2.5 million funding round.

Solving a math Olympiad problem with a step-by-step logical approach.

Correctly converting temperatures between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Interpreting a complex physics problem involving water, glass, and atmospheric pressure.

Understanding the logistics of transporting 15 people with a car that fits 5.

Analyzing a scenario involving Alice, Bob, and a dog to test knowledge of the physical world.

GPT 40's self-awareness and its distinction from human consciousness and experiences.