He finished the campaign in 55 minutes!? - Project Speedrun ft. Havoc & Bazuka - PoE #852

9 Jul 202478:08

TLDRJoin Havoc, a renowned speedrunner, and content creators as they embark on a thrilling journey to complete a Path of Exile (PoE) speedrun campaign in a remarkable 55 minutes. This endeavor, months in the making, showcases expert crafting, strategic planning, and lightning-fast gameplay. Experience the exhilarating commentary and insights from the team as they navigate through the game's acts, employing ingenious tactics and leveraging powerful gear to achieve a world record speedrun that redefines the limits of the game.


  • 😀 The video features a speedrunning project in the game 'Path of Exile', showcasing a character completing Act 10 in just 55 minutes.
  • 🎮 The project was a collaboration between Imperian Gaming, Havoc, and Bazooka Tank, who are all experienced speedrunners and content creators.
  • 🏁 The speedrun was meticulously planned and executed, involving months of preparation, including practicing layouts and testing different builds.
  • 💰 The project utilized 21 mirrors for crafting and other aspects of the run, with a detailed crafting video available on Imperian Gaming's channel.
  • 🛠ī¸ The character's build was optimized for speed, with a focus on movement speed and efficient inventory management to maintain momentum.
  • 🔄 A key strategy was the '4C rule', which required the player to kill enemies every 4 seconds to maintain a movement speed buff from Abyssal sockets.
  • đŸŽ¯ The player leveraged various in-game mechanics such as phasing on kill, skill gem combinations, and strategic use of stances to maximize speed and efficiency.
  • 📈 The video includes commentary explaining the setup, strategy, and decisions made during the run, providing insight into the speedrunning process.
  • 🏆 The successful completion of the run achieved a new world record, demonstrating the effectiveness of the team's strategy and the player's skill.
  • 📹 The video serves as both a record of the speedrun and an educational resource for viewers interested in learning about speedrunning techniques in 'Path of Exile'.
  • 🔗 Links to related content, such as Havoc's channel and additional runs, are provided in the video description for those interested in more information.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is a speedrunning project in the game Path of Exile, where the player aims to complete Act 10 with a twinked character in under an hour.

  • Who are the main contributors to this speedrunning project?

    -The main contributors to this project are Havoc, a prolific speedrunner and content creator, and Bazooka Tank, who was involved in planning and practicing the run.

  • What is the significance of the '4C rule' mentioned in the script?

    -The '4C rule' refers to the strategy of killing monsters every 4 seconds to trigger Abyssal sockets, which provide movement speed buffs for a short duration after killing and critting.

  • Why was the quiver not used in the speedrun?

    -The quiver was not used to save time on inventory management. Since the character is moving very fast, any inventory management during non-downtime could result in time loss.

  • How many mirrors were spent on the entire speedrun project?

    -Approximately 21 mirrors were spent on the project, which includes items that didn't end up being used in the run.

  • What is the purpose of the death skip strategy used in the speedrun?

    -The death skip strategy is used to save time by killing the character intentionally and resurrecting in town, allowing the player to bypass certain parts of the game that would otherwise slow them down.

  • What is the goal for the character's level in the Docks area?

    -The goal for the character's level in the Docks area is to reach level 38, which allows the character to equip certain gear that significantly boosts movement speed.

  • What is the reason for not killing unique monsters during the speedrun?

    -Unique monsters are not killed during the speedrun because they provide no XP, which is a significant disadvantage in a leveling-based speedrun.

  • What is the importance of the Fox Shade unique jewel in the speedrun?

    -The Fox Shade unique jewel is important because it provides a substantial movement speed boost based on the character's full life, which is crucial for the speedrun.

  • What is the strategy for the Chamber of Innocence in the speedrun?

    -The strategy for the Chamber of Innocence involves leveling up to 50 and using all flames to maximize XP gain. The boss fight is one of the longest downtimes in the game, so the player performs as many gear swaps as possible during this time.



😀 Collaboration with Speedrunner Havoc

The narrator discusses a collaboration with Havoc, a speedrunner, on a project that involves crafting and speedrunning. The project was initiated in February and after several months of preparation, they decided to undertake a 'twink run' in Path of Exile, focusing on speed and crafting. The team, including Bazooka Tank, invested league funds into crafting for the speedrun, and Havoc practiced for months to perfect the run. The narrator also mentions a crafting video on their channel detailing the process.


🏃‍♂ī¸ The Art of Speedrunning in Path of Exile

This paragraph delves into the specifics of a 'twink run,' which utilizes high-level gear to speed through the game. The run begins on the Coast, and the player must adhere to the '4C rule' of killing enemies every 4 seconds to maintain movement speed buffs. The player also uses 'phasing on kill' from the Onslaught skill. The paragraph explains the importance of inventory management and the decision to forgo using a quiver to save time. The goal is to reach level 28 quickly to equip the Foxshade boots for increased movement speed.


🛠ī¸ Preparation and Execution of the Speedrun

The player meticulously plans the speedrun, focusing on efficient leveling and gear setup. The aim is to reach level 28 in the Mud Flats and level 24 in the Ledge to take advantage of the experience bonus from all-flame monsters. The player also discusses the use of jewels and passive skill tree points to enhance movement speed and other attributes. The paragraph highlights the importance of timing and strategy in executing the speedrun effectively.


đŸŽ¯ Optimizing Speedrun Strategy and Execution

The player continues to optimize the speedrun, discussing the decision to skip the Mage Blood flask until later in the run due to the character's already high speed. The player also explains the strategy of switching stances every 4 seconds to maintain the 'Onslaught' buff and the use of bandit camps for additional movement speed. The paragraph emphasizes the culmination of hours of testing and practice to achieve the fastest possible run.


🕹ī¸ Advanced Techniques and Strategies in Speedrunning

The player employs advanced techniques such as death skipping and stance switching to maintain buffs and enhance speed. The paragraph details the use of specific gear and gems to maximize damage and movement speed, as well as the strategic use of portals and layout knowledge to skip sections of the game. The player also discusses the importance of RNG in boss fight outcomes and the impact on the speedrun.


đŸ—ēī¸ Navigating the Game World at High Speed

The player navigates through various zones in the game, utilizing high-speed movement and strategic planning. The paragraph discusses the use of blink arrow skips, the importance of layout reading, and the execution of skips to save time. The player also mentions the use of the unnatural zone and the need for precise mouse movements to maintain speed.


🏹 Bow Swapping and Final Preparations for Act Five

The player prepares for Act Five by swapping out gear and optimizing the build for maximum damage and movement speed. The paragraph details the use of a crafted bow with high DPS and the strategy of hot swapping bows for bosses. The player also discusses the use of movement speed tattoos and the importance of having a good computer and server for optimal performance.


🛑 Downtime Management and Strategic Planning

The player manages downtime during the speedrun, using it for gear swapping and strategy planning. The paragraph explains the importance of using downtime effectively, such as during boss fights, to swap gear and prepare for the next phase of the run. The player also discusses the use of the Chamber of Innocence as a prime leveling zone and the strategy of equipping Mage Blood flasks for increased movement speed.


đŸŽŗ Navigating the Later Acts with Precision and Speed

The player continues the speedrun through the later acts of the game, discussing the importance of precise navigation and speed. The paragraph highlights the use of movement speed to bypass obstacles and the strategic planning required to navigate through zones quickly. The player also discusses the use of the Phase Run and Withering Step gems linked with Automation Support to maintain high movement speed without cooldowns.


🏆 Completing the Speedrun and Reflecting on the Experience

The player completes the speedrun and reflects on the experience, discussing the challenges and successes of the run. The paragraph details the final stages of the run, the use of specific gear and flasks, and the strategy of leveling up to gain additional skill points. The player also talks about the improvisation required during the run and the importance of adapting to changing conditions.


🤔 Post-Run Analysis and Discussion

After completing the speedrun, the player engages in a post-run analysis and discussion. The paragraph covers the evaluation of the run, the impact of RNG on layout outcomes, and the strategies employed during the run. The player also discusses the use of specific skills and items, such as leap slam and lightning warp, and the potential for future speedruns with different movement skills.


📊 Breakdown of the Speedrun's Cost and Resource Management

The player breaks down the cost and resource management aspect of the speedrun, discussing the use of all-flames and Omens. The paragraph details the limited availability of all-flames and the strategy of buying them at specific levels. The player also talks about the cost of each attempt and the market dynamics affecting resource gathering.


đŸšĒ Navigating Obstacles and RNG in the Speedrun

The player navigates through various obstacles and RNG elements in the speedrun. The paragraph discusses the challenges posed by doors and layout RNG, as well as the strategies used to overcome these obstacles. The player also mentions the use of a new feature that allows for quick portaling without opening the inventory.


🔄 The Challenges of Deleveling and Resource Limitations

The player discusses the challenges of deleveling and the limitations of resource availability in the context of the speedrun. The paragraph explains why deleveling was removed from the game and the impact on practice runs. The player also talks about the resource limitations, particularly the scarcity of all-flames, and the strategies employed to manage these constraints.


🎮 Final Thoughts on the Speedrun and Future Plans

The player shares final thoughts on the completed speedrun and discusses future plans. The paragraph covers the player's reflections on the experience, the challenges faced, and the enjoyment derived from the project. The player also hints at future speedruns and the potential for new records, as well as the possibility of participating in other gaming events.


📝 Post-Run Interview and Discussion

The player engages in a post-run interview and discussion, reflecting on the speedrun experience. The paragraph details the player's thoughts on the project, favorite moments, and the impact of the speedrun on their skills. The player also discusses the process of organizing inventory for speedrunning, the challenges of managing resources, and the potential for future speedruns with different movement skills.

🌟 Wrapping Up and Expressing Gratitude

The player wraps up the discussion and expresses gratitude for the collaboration and the opportunity to participate in the speedrun. The paragraph highlights the enjoyment derived from the project, the excitement of breaking records, and the camaraderie experienced during the collaboration. The player also thanks the viewers for their support and looks forward to future projects and encounters.




A speedrun refers to the act of completing a video game or a specific part of it in the fastest time possible. It is a type of performance art where players challenge the game's mechanics and their own skills to achieve the quickest completion time. In the context of the video, the speedrun is the central theme, showcasing a player's attempt to complete 'Act 10' of the game 'Path of Exile' in a record time of 55 minutes using optimized strategies and gear.


Havoc is the name of a prolific speedrunner and content creator who is mentioned in the script as the initiator of the speedrunning project. He is described as a 'very cool guy' who has been practicing for months to achieve an ultra-fast solo run. His role and identity are integral to the narrative of the video, highlighting the collaborative effort in setting and potentially breaking speedrunning records.


Bazooka is another key personality in the script, who is recruited for the speedrunning project due to his interest in creating fun content. His involvement signifies the teamwork aspect of the project, where multiple skilled players come together to strategize and execute a complex speedrun.


In the context of the video, crafting refers to the process of creating or modifying items within the game to enhance the character's abilities. It is a significant aspect of the speedrun preparation, as the script mentions the use of '21 mirrors' and a dedicated crafting video showcasing the process. Crafting is crucial for equipping the character with the best gear for the run.

💡4C Rule

The '4C Rule' is a strategy mentioned in the script, which stands for 'Kill things every 4 seconds'. This rule is part of the speedrun's mechanics, where the player must maintain a high kill rate to trigger specific abilities, such as the Abyssal sockets that provide movement speed bonuses. It exemplifies the meticulous planning and execution required in speedrunning.

💡All Flames

All Flames is a term used in the script to describe a method of gaining experience points rapidly by setting all monsters in a zone on fire. This technique is part of the speedrunner's strategy to level up quickly and is a key component in achieving the sub-hour completion time for Act 10.


Downtime in the script refers to any period during the run where the player is not actively engaging in gameplay or progressing towards the goal. It is a critical concept in speedrunning, as minimizing downtime is essential for achieving faster completion times. The script discusses strategies to reduce downtime, such as efficient inventory management and skill planning.


Onslaught is a game mechanic mentioned in the script that grants the player additional effects, such as increased movement speed, after a kill. It is an example of the specific abilities that the speedrunner leverages to optimize their run and maintain high speed throughout the challenge.

💡Leveling Gear

Leveling gear refers to the equipment used by the character to accelerate the leveling process. In the script, it is mentioned that the run is not a fresh league start but uses 'insane leveling gear,' indicating that the character is already equipped with powerful items to speed up leveling and progress through the game rapidly.


Kitava is the final boss of Act 10 in 'Path of Exile'. The script discusses the preparation and strategy for the Kitava fight, which is a culmination of the speedrun. The mention of Kitava signifies the endpoint of the challenge and the ultimate test of the speedrunner's skills and strategies.


A speedrunning project was undertaken with Havoc, a renowned speedrunner, to complete a campaign in under an hour.

The project utilized a twink run setup, leveraging high-level gear for an accelerated start.

Over 21 mirrors were spent on crafting for this speedrun, including unused items.

A detailed crafting video documenting the process is available on the channel.

The speedrun strategy involved meticulous planning and execution, including skipping certain areas and optimizing gear swaps.

Abyssal sockets were used to maintain movement speed throughout the run.

The importance of inventory management was highlighted, with efficiency being key to save time.

The use of a quiver was forgone to streamline the inventory and save time on gear swaps.

The character's progression was carefully managed to optimize experience gain and level up efficiently.

A forbidden jewel was used for a unique death skip strategy to save time.

The run included innovative strategies such as stance switching for permanent on-hit effects.

A detailed explanation of the character's build and gear was provided during the run.

The impact of layout RNG on the speedrun's success was discussed, highlighting the variability in completion times.

A blink arrow skip was executed to bypass a lengthy combat encounter.

The final act of the campaign was completed with a focus on speed and efficiency, culminating in a sub-hour run.

The successful completion of the speedrun was celebrated, with a final time of 55 minutes achieved.

Post-run discussions included insights into the challenges faced, strategies used, and potential improvements for future attempts.