I tried PoE 2 on Console and it was F***ING AMAZING!

11 Jun 202409:54

TLDRIn this video, g TV shares his experience playing 'Path of Exile 2' on console with a friend, emphasizing the game's accessibility for new players. The video highlights the game's progress since the last playtest, including improved drop rates and quality-of-life features for couch co-op. It also discusses the game's balance issues and the potential for diverse builds due to changes in skill and support gem mechanics. The video concludes with g TV's positive feedback on the controller experience and a call to action for viewers to share their thoughts.


  • 🎮 The video is a review of the gameplay experience of 'Path of Exile 2' played on a console with a friend, using a couch Co-op controller setup.
  • đŸ‘Ģ The reviewer invited a childhood friend, Joan, who is not an avid gamer, to play the game together to get a fresh perspective on its accessibility.
  • 🎉 The event in LA was a success, with the reviewer meeting many people and content creators who are passionate about the game.
  • 🛠ī¸ The game has made significant progress since the last playtest, with improvements in drop rates and the removal of the need for frequent town portaling to refill flasks.
  • 💡 Path of Exile 2 has introduced quality of life features, such as an easy trade button and level down scaling, to enhance the couch Co-op experience.
  • 📈 The game's progression system has been improved, with rare enemies now guaranteed to drop specific items to help players prepare for challenges ahead.
  • 🆕 For new players, the game provides recommended skills and support gems, making it easier for them to make informed decisions about their character build.
  • 🔄 All sockets during the playtest were white, removing the need for chromatic orbs and allowing for more player-driven skill customization.
  • 🎲 The game encourages diversity in builds by limiting the use of the same support gem on multiple abilities, forcing players to make strategic choices.
  • 🕹ī¸ Despite initial reservations, the reviewer found playing with a controller to be a good experience, thanks to auto-target locking and keybind adjustments.
  • 🔄 Enemy HP scales with the number of players, and the stagger system was easy to use, making boss fights less challenging than before.
  • 💡 The reviewer provided feedback on the mobile action and keybinds, suggesting improvements for on-the-move flask usage and targeting.

Q & A

  • Who is the narrator of the video script and what is the main topic covered?

    -The narrator is g TV, and the main topic is the gameplay experience of playing Path of Exile 2 on a console with a couch Co-op controller setup.

  • What was the purpose of inviting the narrator to LA by Granny Gear Games?

    -The purpose was to give the narrator an opportunity to play Path of Exile 2 and share his thoughts and feedback on the game.

  • Who accompanied the narrator to play Path of Exile 2 and what is unique about this person's gaming experience?

    -The narrator's childhood friend, Joan, accompanied him. Joan is unique because he is not an avid gamer, having only finished two games in his life, Diablo 1 and Half-Life.

  • What was the narrator's initial concern about the couch Co-op approach in Path of Exile 2?

    -The narrator was initially concerned that there would be many small nuisances with the gameplay experience in the couch Co-op approach.

  • How did the game developers address the issue of new players learning Path of Exile 2?

    -The game developers provided easy-to-understand information, allowing new players to make sound decisions for their progression, and presented recommended abilities and support gems to help new players learn the game effectively.

  • What changes were made to the skill gem system in Path of Exile 2 to enhance player experience?

    -In Path of Exile 2, all sockets are white, removing the need for chromatic orbs, and the game presents a list of recommended abilities and support gems based on the class being played, allowing for more player choice and diversity in builds.

  • How does the game ensure a consistent progression for both players in the couch Co-op mode?

    -The game allows one player to drag the other if they end up on the edge of the screen, ensuring a consistent progression even when playing with someone less experienced.

  • What was the narrator's experience with playing an action RPG on a controller before Path of Exile 2?

    -The narrator's last experience playing an action RPG on a controller was with Diablo 1, and since then, he has primarily used mouse and keyboard for such games.

  • How does the game handle the leveling and progression of players with different experience levels in couch Co-op mode?

    -The game uses an automatic downscaling system, where the quest state will be of the player that has the least progressed state in their campaign, allowing both players to start off from the same point.

  • What feedback does the narrator have regarding the mobile action and keybinds in Path of Exile 2?

    -The narrator suggests that flasks and other keybinds should be usable while on the move, and with the auto-target locking feature, the concerns about controller use were alleviated.

  • What was the narrator's overall impression of Path of Exile 2 after playing it with a friend?

    -The narrator had a very positive experience, finding the game to be much better than expected, especially considering one player was an experienced gamer and the other was new to the genre.



🎮 Couch Co-op Experience with Path of Exile 2

The video script details the narrator's experience playing Path of Exile 2 in a couch Co-op setting with a non-gamer friend, Joan. The focus is on the general gameplay and the ease of learning for new players, with improvements since the last playtest two months prior. The script mentions the removal of the need for frequent town portaling to refill flasks, the introduction of hardcoded rare enemies for better loot progression, and quality of life additions for Co-op play. It also touches on the game's balance issues, the ease of learning for new players, and the potential for diverse builds due to changes in skill and support gem mechanics.


🛠 Controller Play and New Player Onboarding in Path of Exile 2

This paragraph discusses the adjustments and improvements made in Path of Exile 2 to accommodate controller play and new player acquisition. It covers the simplification of the skill and support gem system with recommended options to prevent halting player progression. The script also addresses the controller's keybinds, the auto-target locking feature, and the ability for players to adjust their skill trees and inventories during gameplay. Additionally, it talks about the synergy between player skills, the balance of enemy HP scaling with party size, and the current state of the stagger bar. The narrator concludes with feedback on the mobile action and keybinds, expressing a preference for controller play and a positive outlook on the game's development.



💡PoE 2

PoE 2 refers to 'Path of Exile 2', a highly anticipated sequel to the popular action role-playing game 'Path of Exile'. In the video script, the excitement and gameplay experience of playing PoE 2 on a console is described as 'F***ING AMAZING', indicating a strong positive reaction to the game.


A console in this context refers to a gaming console, a type of computer or electronic device that is used for playing video games. The script mentions playing PoE 2 on a console, which is significant as it shows the game's adaptability to different platforms beyond PC.

💡Couch Co-op

Couch Co-op is a term used to describe a multiplayer gaming mode where players sit on the same couch and play together on the same screen. The video script discusses the experience of playing PoE 2 in a Couch Co-op setting, emphasizing the social and shared aspect of the gameplay.

💡Granny Gear Games

Granny Gear Games is the developer of 'Path of Exile' and its sequel. The script mentions an invitation from Granny Gear Games to experience PoE 2, highlighting the developer's role in facilitating early access and community engagement.

💡Flash Charges

Flash Charges in the context of the game refer to a mechanic related to the use of town portals and flasks. The script discusses the change in the game mechanics where flash charges are no longer as common, affecting the gameplay strategy.

💡Hardcoded Rare Enemies

Hardcoded Rare Enemies are non-player characters in the game that are programmed to always drop specific items. The script mentions that these enemies have been included to ensure players receive necessary items for progression, enhancing the loot system.

💡Couch Co-op Nuances

Couch Co-op Nuances refer to the potential small issues or inconveniences that might arise when playing a game in a co-op mode on the same screen. The script discusses how the game developers addressed these nuances with quality of life improvements.


Keybinds are the actions assigned to specific keys on a controller or keyboard. The script discusses the initial concerns about having enough keybinds for a controller in PoE 2, and how these concerns were alleviated with good design choices.

💡Auto Target Locking

Auto Target Locking is a feature in games that automatically locks onto an enemy target, simplifying the gameplay. The script mentions that this feature made playing PoE 2 with a controller much more comfortable and accessible.

💡New Player Acquisition

New Player Acquisition refers to the strategy of attracting new players to a game. The script discusses how PoE 2 is designed to be more accessible to new players while maintaining the complexity that makes the original game appealing to its core audience.

💡Stagger Bar

The Stagger Bar is a visual element in the game that represents the process of staggering or interrupting an enemy's actions. The script mentions that in the current version of PoE 2, the Stagger Bar is easy to use, making boss fights more manageable.


The gameplay experience of Path of Exile 2 on a console was described as 'F***ING AMAZING'.

The video features a couch Co-op controller playthrough with a non-gamer friend, demonstrating accessibility.

Granny Gear Games invited the creator to LA for the playtest, emphasizing community engagement.

The playtest showed significant progress from the last version, about 2 months prior.

Flash charges are now rarer, and well-finding builds are no longer necessary.

Drop rates of items have been improved for a more enjoyable progression.

Hardcoded rare enemies ensure players receive essential items for progression.

A new player found Path of Exile 2 easy to learn, contrary to expectations.

Quality of life improvements include a simple trade button for Co-op play.

Automatic downscaling balances gameplay for players of different levels.

Path of Exile 2 focuses on new player acquisition while maintaining game complexity.

The game provides easy-to-understand information for sound decision-making in character progression.

Revealing an uncut skill gem presents recommended abilities, aiding new players.

Support gems have a recommended system to enhance understanding of skill synergies.

All sockets are white, removing the need for chromatic orbs and focusing on player choice.

Controller play has been streamlined with auto-target locking and keybind adjustments.

Enemy HP scales with party size, but the stagger bar's effectiveness is currently being reviewed.

The creator thanks Grinding Gear Games for the opportunity and other creators for the shared experience.