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APA 7 Citation Helper

Press to see MLA Example: Vaswani, Ashish, et al. "Attention is all you need." Advances in neural information processing systems 30 (2017).

Press to see APA Example: Vaswani, A., Shazeer, N., Parmar, N., Uszkoreit, J., Jones, L., Gomez, A. N., ... & Polosukhin, I. (2017). Attention is all you need. Advances in neural information processing systems, 30.

Press to see ISO 690 Example: VASWANI, Ashish, et al. Attention is all you need. Advances in neural information processing systems, 2017, 30.

Press to see Bibtex Example: @article{vaswani2017attention, title={Attention is all you need}, author={Vaswani, Ashish and Shazeer, Noam and Parmar, Niki and Uszkoreit, Jakob and Jones, Llion and Gomez, Aidan N and Kaiser, {\L}ukasz and Polosukhin, Illia}, journal={Advances in neural information processing systems}, volume={30}, year={2017} }

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Introduction to APA 7 Citation Helper

APA 7 Citation Helper is designed to assist users in accurately formatting references according to the 7th edition of the American Psychological Association (APA) style. This tool automates the process of citation creation, ensuring that all components such as author names, publication dates, titles, and sources are correctly presented. It is particularly useful for students, researchers, and academic professionals who need to adhere to APA style guidelines in their writing. For example, if a user inputs a journal article citation like 'McCauley, S. M., & Christiansen, M. H. (2019). Language learning as language use: A cross-linguistic model of child language development. Psychological Review, 126(1), 1-51.', the tool would output it in the correct APA format, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Main Functions of APA 7 Citation Helper

  • Automated Citation Formatting

    Example Example

    Inputting a book citation such as 'Brown, L. S. (2018). Feminist therapy (2nd ed.). American Psychological Association.'

    Example Scenario

    The tool formats the reference according to APA guidelines, ensuring the correct order of elements and appropriate use of italics and punctuation.

  • In-text Citation Generation

    Example Example

    Given the reference 'Balsam, K. F., Martell, C. R., Jones, K. P., & Safren, S. A. (2019). Affirmative cognitive behavior therapy with sexual and gender minority people. In G. Y. Iwamasa & P. A. Hays (Eds.), Culturally responsive cognitive behavior therapy: Practice and supervision (2nd ed., pp. 287-314). American Psychological Association.'

    Example Scenario

    The tool generates both parenthetical and narrative in-text citations, such as (Balsam et al., 2019) and 'Balsam et al. (2019) discussed the application of affirmative cognitive behavior therapy...'.

  • Reference List Management

    Example Example

    Compiling multiple references such as journal articles, books, and online sources.

    Example Scenario

    The tool organizes and formats these references into a properly formatted APA reference list, ensuring correct alphabetical order and adherence to APA style rules.

Ideal Users of APA 7 Citation Helper

  • Students

    Students, particularly those in higher education, often need to format papers and assignments according to APA style. The tool helps them quickly and accurately create citations and reference lists, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring compliance with academic standards.

  • Researchers and Academic Professionals

    Researchers and academic professionals frequently publish papers in APA style. The tool assists them in maintaining consistency and accuracy in their citations, which is crucial for credibility and scholarly communication. It also saves time, allowing them to focus more on their research and writing.

How to Use APA 7 Citation Helper

  • Step 1

    Visit aichatonline.org for a free trial without login, also no need for ChatGPT Plus.

  • Step 2

    Familiarize yourself with the specific requirements of the APA 7th edition format, as the tool is designed to adhere strictly to these guidelines.

  • Step 3

    Input your source information into the tool, ensuring that you provide all necessary details such as author names, publication year, title, and publication source.

  • Step 4

    Generate the citation by clicking on the appropriate button. Review the generated citation to ensure accuracy and completeness.

  • Step 5

    Incorporate the generated citations into your document, using the provided in-text, parenthetical, and narrative citations as needed.

  • Academic Writing
  • Research Papers
  • Theses
  • Journal Articles
  • Student Projects

Detailed Q&A about APA 7 Citation Helper

  • What is the main purpose of the APA 7 Citation Helper?

    The main purpose of the APA 7 Citation Helper is to assist users in generating accurate APA 7th edition citations for various types of sources, ensuring compliance with academic standards.

  • Can the APA 7 Citation Helper be used for sources other than journal articles?

    Yes, the APA 7 Citation Helper can generate citations for a wide range of sources including books, websites, videos, and more, adhering to APA 7th edition guidelines.

  • Is it necessary to have prior knowledge of APA format to use the APA 7 Citation Helper?

    No prior knowledge is necessary, as the tool provides step-by-step guidance and automates the citation process according to APA 7th edition rules.

  • How can I ensure the accuracy of the citations generated by the APA 7 Citation Helper?

    Ensure accuracy by double-checking the input information for each source and reviewing the generated citation against APA 7th edition guidelines provided by the tool.

  • What are some common issues users might encounter with the APA 7 Citation Helper?

    Common issues include incomplete source details, incorrect formatting due to input errors, and misunderstanding citation types. Reviewing the tool's guidelines and examples can help mitigate these issues.



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