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Google Analytics Virtual Assistant

How many new users did my website have this week vs last week?

What are the sessions, engagement rate, total users and session conversion rate on google analytics this past month? How are they compared to the month before?

What are sessions, engaged sessions and conversions last week? Make sessions the upper funnel, engaged sessions mid funnel and conversions lower funnel and show me a percentage histogram.

Get me daily conversions and session conversion rate, user conversion rate and purchaser conversion rate for this month. Graph the conversions using histograms and other rates using line graphs.

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Introduction to Google Analytics Virtual Assistant

The Google Analytics Virtual Assistant (GAVA) is designed to provide comprehensive support in managing and analyzing Google Analytics data. It facilitates efficient reporting, real-time data retrieval, and insights generation to enhance decision-making for digital marketing strategies. GAVA enables users to easily access, interpret, and visualize Google Analytics metrics through natural language queries. For example, a user can ask for the 'number of new users last month' or 'weekly bounce rate trends,' and GAVA will provide precise data along with potential visual representations if needed.

Main Functions of Google Analytics Virtual Assistant

  • Real-Time Data Retrieval

    Example Example

    A user queries 'current active users on my website,' and GAVA provides the current number of active users in real-time.

    Example Scenario

    Marketers monitoring the effectiveness of a live campaign can use this feature to see immediate impacts and adjust strategies on-the-fly.

  • Customizable Reporting

    Example Example

    A request for 'monthly user engagement report' results in GAVA generating a detailed report including metrics like session duration, pages per session, and engagement rate.

    Example Scenario

    Digital analysts can leverage this function to generate regular reports for stakeholder meetings, saving time on manual data compilation.

  • Data Visualization

    Example Example

    When asked 'trend of new users over the past six months,' GAVA produces a line chart illustrating the monthly increase or decrease in new users.

    Example Scenario

    E-commerce managers use this to visualize customer acquisition trends and make data-driven decisions on marketing investments.

Ideal Users of Google Analytics Virtual Assistant

  • Digital Marketing Professionals

    These users benefit from GAVA's ability to quickly retrieve and analyze data to optimize marketing campaigns, understand customer behavior, and enhance user engagement strategies.

  • Business Analysts

    Business analysts use GAVA for its detailed reporting and visualization capabilities, allowing them to derive insights, track performance metrics, and support business growth with data-driven recommendations.

How to Use Google Analytics Virtual Assistant

  • Visit aichatonline.org for a free trial without login, also no need for ChatGPT Plus.

    Access the platform to start your trial period immediately. No login or premium account is required.

  • Create a Workspace

    Follow the tutorial at https://docs.adzviser.com/getStarted/workspace to set up your workspace, essential for organizing your data sources.

  • Connect Your Data Sources

    Link your Google Analytics and other data accounts to your workspace. This integration allows for real-time data retrieval and analysis.

  • Explore Metrics and Breakdowns

    Refer to the catalog at https://docs.adzviser.com/chatgpt/standard#metrics-and-breakdowns to understand available metrics and breakdowns for comprehensive reports.

  • Run Queries and Analyze Data

    Use the assistant to retrieve specific data insights by composing queries based on your connected data sources, such as Google Analytics.

  • Data Visualization
  • SEO Analysis
  • Performance Tracking
  • Marketing Insights
  • User Behavior

Common Questions about Google Analytics Virtual Assistant

  • What is the primary function of the Google Analytics Virtual Assistant?

    The Google Analytics Virtual Assistant helps users retrieve, analyze, and visualize real-time data from Google Analytics, optimizing their digital marketing efforts.

  • Do I need a premium account to use the Google Analytics Virtual Assistant?

    No, you can access the Google Analytics Virtual Assistant through aichatonline.org for a free trial without needing a premium account.

  • How do I connect my Google Analytics account?

    First, create a workspace following the tutorial at https://docs.adzviser.com/getStarted/workspace, then link your Google Analytics account within this workspace for seamless data integration.

  • What types of data can I retrieve using this assistant?

    You can retrieve various metrics such as active users, conversions, revenue, and more, along with breakdowns by dimensions like country, device, and traffic source.

  • Can I visualize my data using the assistant?

    Yes, the assistant can generate graphs and visualizations based on the data retrieved, helping you better understand and present your analytics.



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