Splitting Steel Juggernaut... Could It Be A Viable League Starter Build for 3.25?

6 Jul 202411:02

TLDRIn anticipation of Path of Exile's 3.25 update, the video explores a Splitting Steel Juggernaut build as a potential league starter. Despite initial struggles with damage and survivability, the build proves viable on Hardcore SSF, excelling in campaign progression but facing challenges in end-game mapping. The host recommends playing on the Champion for a more robust experience and suggests that while the build is not top-tier, it serves as a solid second build for hardcore SSF players. The video concludes with the host's plans to revisit and improve a Shield Crush build for the upcoming league.


  • 😀 The Splitting Steel Juggernaut build was tested for viability as a league starter in Path of Exile's 3.25 update.
  • 🔨 The build is designed for a tanky, slow playstyle and is currently working well in Hardcore SSF.
  • 💎 The character reached Tier 10 Maps with average gear and some replica Dream Feathers to test its performance.
  • 🚀 The campaign progress was smooth with some bottlenecks in Act 4, 6, and 8, but it caught up with better gearing.
  • 💡 Starting the build requires muling a jeweler to get Splitting Steel and Bleed Chance Support from level one.
  • 🕰️ It took approximately 7 to 7.5 hours of playtime to gear up the character from scratch without any leveling gear.
  • 🛡️ The build faced challenges with survivability and damage output, hitting a plateau early and dying often.
  • 🏆 The build is suggested to be better suited for the Champion with a perseverance hybrid configuration.
  • 🎖️ For end-game performance, a Trickster build with high Energy Shield stacking is recommended over the Juggernaut.
  • 📉 The tester did not recommend the Juggernaut build for a league start due to its early plateau and survivability issues.
  • 🔄 Inspired by the test, the tester plans to rework and test a Shield Crush build for the upcoming league, aiming for improved tanking and performance.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video script?

    -The main topic of the video script is testing a 'Splitting Steel Juggernaut' build for the upcoming 3.25 league in the game, to see if it could be a viable league starter.

  • What are the initial challenges mentioned for starting the 'Splitting Steel Juggernaut' build?

    -The initial challenges include needing to mule a jeweler to get 'Splitting Steel' and 'Bleed Chance Support' from level one, as the build won't work with 'Ruthless Support' on the Marauder.

  • How did the build perform during the campaign according to the script?

    -The build performed well during the campaign, with some bottlenecks in Act 4, Act 6, and Act 8, but caught up in the proceeding acts once better gearing and power were achieved.

  • What was the total playtime to gear up the 'Splitting Steel Juggernaut' build from start to finish?

    -The total playtime to gear up the 'Splitting Steel Juggernaut' build from start to finish was about 7 to 7 and 1/2 hours.

  • What are the two main issues the author had with the 'Splitting Steel Juggernaut' build for a league start?

    -The two main issues were the build hitting a damage plateau too early and the author's personal dislike of dying a lot, which happened frequently with this build.

  • Why is the 'Splitting Steel Juggernaut' build recommended for the Champion instead of the Juggernaut for a league start?

    -The build is recommended for the Champion because it was essentially designed for the Champion and performs significantly better with a perseverance hybrid configuration.

  • What alternative build is suggested for a league start on the Juggernaut instead of the 'Splitting Steel Juggernaut'?

    -The alternative build suggested is a 'Shield Crush' build, which the author plans to rework and test for the next league start.

  • What is the author's opinion on the 'Splitting Steel Juggernaut' build's performance in end-game content?

    -The author believes the build does not outperform the Trickster in end-game content and feels it is not special by any measure, suggesting there are better league starters for the Juggernaut.

  • What does the author plan to do with the 'Shield Crush' build in the next live streams?

    -The author plans to give the reworked 'Shield Crush' build a test in the next live streams for league start testing and intends to create a new guide for it.

  • How can viewers suggest other builds for the author to test for league start?

    -Viewers can suggest other builds for testing in the description section of the video.



🛡️ Splitting Steel Juggernaut League Starter Test

The video script discusses the attempt to create a Splitting Steel Juggernaut build for a league starter in an upcoming game update. The build is tested on Hardcore SSF mode and is designed to be highly tanky and slow. Despite reaching T10 Maps with subpar gear, the build is deemed okay but not excellent. The campaign mode is found to be easy after initial gear upgrades, but the build struggles with survivability and damage output. The script suggests that starting with a jeweler in Act 1 and using bleed chance support is necessary for the build to function properly. The overall playtime to gear up from scratch is around 7 to 7.5 hours, and the build is not recommended for a league start due to its early plateau and frequent deaths.


💥 Critique and Alternatives for the Juggernaut Build

The script continues with a critique of the Juggernaut build, highlighting the player's preference for builds that can take hits without dying frequently. It is suggested that the build is better suited for the Champion class with a perseverance hybrid configuration. The player also recommends using a Trickster for end-game builds to maximize damage output. The script details the player's experience with the build up to T14 Maps at level 67 without reaching the fourth ascendancy, which is deemed unrealistic for a league starter. The player expresses dissatisfaction with the build's performance and instead proposes to rework a Shield Crush build for the next league start, promising a more viable and tanky alternative.


📢 Call for Community Input on Build Testing

In the final paragraph, the script shifts focus to the community, inviting viewers to suggest builds for testing or to request troubleshooting for their favorite builds. The player expresses readiness to test non-meta builds and is open to creating guides for them. The video concludes with a call to action for likes, subscriptions, and Twitch follows, and an announcement of a change in video formatting to be more professional while maintaining the same stream style. The player also encourages viewers to leave comments for further build suggestions or requests.



💡Splitting Steel

Splitting Steel is a skill in the game 'Path of Exile' that allows the player to perform a spinning attack, dealing damage to all enemies in a wide area. In the context of the video, the player is testing a build centered around this skill to determine its viability as a starting point for a new league. The script mentions gearing up with 'replica dream feathers' to enhance this skill's performance.


In the video, Juggernaut refers to a specific class in 'Path of Exile' known for its tanky and slow playstyle. The player is experimenting with a Juggernaut build using the Splitting Steel skill to see if it can be a viable option for starting a league with high survivability but also sufficient damage output.

💡League Starter Build

A League Starter Build is a character setup that is designed to be effective right from the start of a new league in 'Path of Exile'. The player in the script is testing whether the Splitting Steel Juggernaut build can be a strong contender for players looking to start fresh in an upcoming league.

💡Hardcore SSF

Hardcore SSF, or Solo Self-Found, is a game mode in 'Path of Exile' where players cannot trade with others and must find all their items themselves. The video discusses the Splitting Steel Juggernaut build's performance in this mode, indicating it's designed for a challenging and self-reliant playthrough.


Tanking in the context of 'Path of Exile' refers to a character's ability to withstand a lot of damage, often through high defenses or health. The script mentions the Juggernaut build is meant to be 'super tanky,' suggesting it should be able to take hits well, although the player found it didn't feel as tanky as desired.


Bottlenecks in gaming are stages or points where progress is slowed or halted due to increased difficulty. The video script describes the Juggernaut build hitting bottlenecks in certain acts, which required better gear or power to overcome.


In 'Path of Exile', a 'mule' is a secondary character used to transfer items to a main character. The script suggests using a mule to get a jewelist to provide the Splitting Steel skill and bleed chance support from level one, which is essential for the build to function properly.

💡Gearing Up

Gearing up refers to the process of equipping a character with better items to enhance their abilities and stats. The video discusses the process of gearing up the Juggernaut build, including using 'replica dream feathers' to improve its performance in maps.


Labbing in 'Path of Exile' is the act of running the 'Abyss' game mode, which is a challenging area filled with monsters and rewards. The script mentions that the Juggernaut build had no issues with labbing, including getting through the third lab, indicating its effectiveness in this high-reward area.


In the context of the video, Champion refers to another class in 'Path of Exile' that is suggested as a better fit for the Splitting Steel build. The player found that the build was significantly better when played on the Champion class, especially with a 'perseverance hybrid configuration'.


Unstoppable is an ascendancy passive skill for the Juggernaut class in 'Path of Exile' that grants immunity to stun. The script mentions that the player couldn't get Unstoppable onto the build due to being under level 68, which highlights the importance of reaching higher levels for accessing key skills in the game.


Testing the Splitting Steel Juggernaut build for the upcoming 3.25 league starter.

Build works on Hardcore SSF but is designed to be super tanky and slow.

Achieved T10 Maps with relatively basic gear.

Using replica dream feathers to test the build's performance.

Build is okay but not good, with explanations to follow.

Campaign progress was smooth with some bottlenecks in Act 6 and Act 8.

Need a mule to get a jewelist for level one access to Splitting Steel and bleed chance support.

Alternative leveling route suggested with Smite and Ruthless.

Gem level 9 to 11 required for the build to take off effectively.

Total playtime of 7 to 7.5 hours to gear up from scratch.

Labbing was straightforward with no issues up to the third lab.

Dying frequently with the build, which is not preferred for a league starter.

Build performs better on the champion with a perseverance hybrid configuration.

Second build suggestion is to use a Trickster for end-game performance.

Inspiration to rework the Shield Crush build for the current league.

Plans to do a complete rework of Shield Crush and create a new guide.

Invitation for viewers to suggest builds for testing and potential guides.

Channel formatting changes for a more professional presentation.