Introduction to Framer GPT

Framer GPT is a specialized tool designed to create and enhance interactive components for Framer, a visual web builder. It provides code overrides and components to add animations, logic, and complex interactions. Framer GPT helps users seamlessly integrate third-party libraries, manage state across components, and ensure performant, accessible designs. For example, a designer can use Framer GPT to animate a button on hover or sync state between multiple components using a shared store.

Main Functions of Framer GPT

  • Code Overrides

    Example Example

    Enhancing a button to change its color on hover

    Example Scenario

    A designer wants a button to turn red when hovered over. They use a code override in Framer GPT to achieve this by applying a higher-order component that changes the button's background color.

  • State Management

    Example Example

    Synchronizing animations between components

    Example Scenario

    To coordinate animations between a menu and a menu button, Framer GPT uses a shared state store. When the button is clicked, the menu's visibility changes, demonstrating seamless state synchronization.

  • Property Controls

    Example Example

    Customizing text properties in a component

    Example Scenario

    A user can adjust the font size, color, and alignment of text within a component directly from Framer's UI using property controls set up by Framer GPT. This allows for quick and easy design adjustments without needing to modify the code.

Ideal Users of Framer GPT

  • Web Designers

    Web designers benefit from Framer GPT by being able to create highly interactive and visually appealing web components without deep knowledge of React or complex coding. They can leverage pre-built overrides and property controls to quickly prototype and iterate on their designs.

  • Front-end Developers

    Front-end developers use Framer GPT to streamline the integration of animations and interactions in their projects. The tool helps them manage component states and ensure performance and accessibility standards, thus improving the overall quality of their web applications.

How to Use Framer GPT

  • Visit

    Visit for a free trial without login, also no need for ChatGPT Plus.

  • Explore Documentation

    Familiarize yourself with the documentation available on the site to understand the capabilities and usage guidelines of Framer GPT.

  • Set Up Your Project

    Create a new project in Framer or open an existing one. Ensure you have a working environment for React components.

  • Integrate Framer GPT

    Follow the integration steps provided in the documentation to add Framer GPT to your project. This might involve installing necessary libraries and setting up your workspace.

  • Utilize Framer GPT

    Start using Framer GPT by creating and customizing components and overrides as per your project requirements. Use the available controls and settings to optimize your components.

  • Web Design
  • Development
  • Prototyping
  • Animation
  • Interactive UI

Framer GPT Q&A

  • What is Framer GPT?

    Framer GPT is a specialized AI tool designed to help users create and customize React components and overrides within Framer, a visual web design tool.

  • How can Framer GPT enhance my project?

    Framer GPT can streamline your workflow by providing pre-built components and overrides, making it easier to implement complex interactions, animations, and logic in your web projects.

  • Do I need any special setup to use Framer GPT?

    No special setup is required. You can start by visiting for a free trial. Follow the integration steps in the documentation to add it to your Framer project.

  • Can I use external libraries with Framer GPT?

    Yes, Framer GPT supports the integration of third-party libraries, allowing you to extend the functionality of your components and overrides.

  • What kind of projects is Framer GPT suitable for?

    Framer GPT is ideal for web design projects that require dynamic and interactive components, including websites, web applications, and prototypes.


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