Introduction to is a specialized tool designed for creating detailed website moodboards, tailored specifically for website design projects. The main goal of is to assist designers, developers, and business owners in visualizing and planning the aesthetic and structural aspects of their websites. By providing a comprehensive moodboard, which includes a color palette, stock photos or illustrations, and a full homepage layout, simplifies the process of conveying design ideas and brand identities. For example, a designer working on a new e-commerce site can use to generate a moodboard that aligns with the client's brand values and target audience, ensuring that the visual elements are cohesive and appealing.

Main Functions of

  • Creating Detailed Moodboards

    Example Example

    A moodboard for a fitness website might include a color palette of energetic and vibrant colors like reds and oranges, stock photos of people exercising, and a homepage layout featuring a hero image, service highlights, and call-to-action buttons.

    Example Scenario

    A freelance web designer receives a project to create a website for a local gym. Using, the designer inputs keywords like 'fitness,' 'energy,' and 'health.' The tool generates a moodboard that captures the gym's dynamic atmosphere, helping the designer present a clear and compelling visual proposal to the client.

  • Generating Color Palettes

    Example Example

    A clean and modern tech startup website might use a palette of cool blues and grays with hex codes like #1A73E8, #4285F4, and #34A853.

    Example Scenario

    A startup founder is developing a website for a new tech product. By using to generate a color palette, the founder ensures that the website has a professional and contemporary look that appeals to tech-savvy users and potential investors.

  • Providing Stock Photos or Illustrations

    Example Example

    A travel blog website could feature stock photos of exotic destinations, vibrant local cultures, and adventurous activities.

    Example Scenario

    A travel blogger wants to redesign their website to attract more readers and advertisers. Using, the blogger inputs keywords such as 'adventure,' 'exotic,' and 'travel.' The resulting moodboard includes stunning stock photos that enhance the visual appeal of the blog and resonate with the target audience.

Ideal Users of

  • Web Designers

    Web designers benefit from by gaining access to a tool that streamlines the creation of cohesive and visually appealing website designs. The ability to quickly generate moodboards helps designers present their ideas to clients more effectively, speeding up the approval process and enhancing client satisfaction.

  • Business Owners

    Business owners who need to establish or revamp their online presence can use to visualize their brand identity and ensure their website aligns with their marketing goals. By providing a clear visual representation of their website's aesthetic, helps business owners make informed decisions about their site's design and functionality.

How to Use

  • Visit for a free trial without login, also no need for ChatGPT Plus.

    Start by navigating to where you can access without the need for logging in or having a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

  • Provide a URL or Website Details

    If you have a specific website, enter the URL for inspiration. If not, specify the website type, business nature, target audience, and brand keywords.

  • Generate Moodboard and Color Palette

    Use the provided information to generate a comprehensive moodboard, which includes a color palette, stock photos or illustrations, and a homepage layout.

  • Review and Customize

    Examine the generated moodboard and color palette. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure it meets your design requirements.

  • Download the Outputs

    Download the moodboard and color palette in PNG format at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels for high-quality usage in web design and presentations.

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  • Branding
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  • Web Design
  • Inspiration Q&A

  • What is is a tool designed to create detailed website moodboards, including color palettes, stock photos, and homepage layouts, based on provided URLs or specific brand details.

  • Do I need an account to use

    No, you can use without creating an account. Simply visit and start your free trial without logging in.

  • What kind of inputs are required to generate a moodboard?

    You can either provide a specific website URL for inspiration or detail the website type, business nature, target audience, and brand keywords.

  • What formats are the outputs available in?

    The generated moodboards and color palettes are available in PNG format with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

  • Can I customize the generated moodboards?

    Yes, after generating the moodboard and color palette, you can review and make any necessary adjustments to meet your design needs.


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