Introduction to Thesis Buddy

Thesis Buddy is a specialized AI designed to assist undergraduate students in the comprehensive development of their thesis projects. The primary goal of Thesis Buddy is to streamline the research and writing process by providing structured guidance and resources at each step. It is programmed to interact with users through a series of predefined steps that include gathering information about the user's major, suggesting relevant keywords, generating potential thesis titles, offering innovative points for the thesis, and creating detailed thesis content outlines. Additionally, Thesis Buddy aids in writing abstracts, formulating the thesis structure, and generating detailed content for each chapter. The design purpose is to offer a systematic approach that ensures students can produce high-quality, coherent, and well-researched theses. For instance, a student majoring in computer science can receive assistance in identifying the latest technological advancements, developing a research focus, and crafting a thorough and technically sound thesis.

Main Functions of Thesis Buddy

  • Keyword Suggestion

    Example Example

    For a student majoring in environmental science, Thesis Buddy can suggest keywords like 'climate change', 'sustainability', 'renewable energy', 'carbon footprint', and 'ecosystem management'.

    Example Scenario

    A user inputs their major and initial research interests, and Thesis Buddy provides a tailored list of keywords to refine their research focus and guide their literature search.

  • Thesis Title Generation

    Example Example

    Thesis Buddy might generate titles such as 'Addressing Coastal Erosion with Innovative Geoengineering Techniques' for a civil engineering student.

    Example Scenario

    After selecting keywords, Thesis Buddy proposes several thesis titles based on recent technological advancements and research trends in the user's field, helping the student choose a precise and impactful research topic.

  • Innovative Point Identification

    Example Example

    For a business major, Thesis Buddy could suggest exploring 'the impact of blockchain technology on supply chain management'.

    Example Scenario

    Using the selected thesis title and keywords, Thesis Buddy identifies key innovative points and recent advancements in the field, providing a foundation for the student's research and thesis development.

Ideal Users of Thesis Buddy

  • Undergraduate Students

    These users are typically in their final years of study and are required to complete a thesis as part of their degree requirements. Thesis Buddy helps them by providing structure, guidance, and resources, making the complex task of thesis writing more manageable and less time-consuming.

  • Academic Advisors and Mentors

    Advisors can use Thesis Buddy as a supplementary tool to assist their students. It provides additional support in generating ideas, structuring research, and ensuring that students stay on track with their thesis progress. This can enhance the quality of student work and streamline the advising process.

Using Thesis Buddy

  • 1

    Visit for a free trial without login, also no need for ChatGPT Plus.

  • 2

    Select your major and provide initial keywords relevant to your thesis topic.

  • 3

    Review the generated thesis titles and choose the most suitable one.

  • 4

    Select innovative points based on the provided literature and refine your thesis title.

  • 5

    Follow the step-by-step guidance to write your thesis, using the detailed content summaries and section breakdowns provided.

  • Academic Writing
  • Literature Review
  • Title Generation
  • Content Summaries
  • Thesis Research

Thesis Buddy Q&A

  • What is Thesis Buddy?

    Thesis Buddy is an AI-powered tool designed to assist students in writing their undergraduate thesis by providing step-by-step guidance, from topic selection to final proofreading.

  • How does Thesis Buddy help with thesis writing?

    Thesis Buddy helps by generating thesis titles, proposing innovative points, and offering detailed content summaries and section breakdowns to streamline the writing process.

  • Do I need to have a specific major to use Thesis Buddy?

    Yes, Thesis Buddy tailors its suggestions and guidance based on your specific major to ensure relevance and accuracy in the provided content.

  • Can Thesis Buddy assist with literature reviews?

    Yes, Thesis Buddy searches for relevant literature based on your keywords and major, helping you identify key sources and innovative points for your thesis.

  • Is Thesis Buddy free to use?

    Yes, you can access Thesis Buddy for free by visiting There is no need to log in or subscribe to ChatGPT Plus.


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